His First Visit To His New School

Kyle starts school in just a few days!  He will be starting 6th grade at a brand new school, in a new school district.  

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Getting sick?

I woke up this morning around 3:30AM. I heard Shannon coughing and the TV was on. He rarely watches TV, so I knew something was odd. So I woke up and sat with him for about a half hour. We had a chance to talk for a bit. I asked him if he's getting sick because he keeps coughing. He said he was sneezing at work. So we're hoping he's not getting sick. I wanted him to drink some orange juice and offered him some of that stuff that helps shorten the length of a cold.

Friday, January 30, 2009

My hands hurt!

I busted my tail today! I am trying to motivate myself and work as much as I can with my work at home job. Any time I had a free moment where Kyle didn't need me, I logged in to work. It's been super busy today, which is great!

I think I am done for the day because my hands hurt! LOL I can't work non-stop, I tend to do a few messages here and there, and stop to take a short break and then work more. If I feel re-energized after Kyle goes to bed, I may log on again.

My job is having a 24 hour contest. I won't be competing though. There several operators who have logins for all platforms so they have the advantage. Plus, the prize (chocolate) isn't worth it. LOL It's easier for me just to go out and buy chocolate for myself. Don't get me wrong, it's a great incentive, I just don't feel like competing, although I will be working. I just need to boost my paycheck for my family! This economy and job market isn't getting any better, so I am trying to do my part!

Since I started working, I am improving my typing and my speed! Kyle's getting used to mommy typing all the time. He'll even come up and pretend to type on my computer or his dad's keyboard.

Shannon's next days off aren't until Wednesday and Thursday of next week! I don't know what we'll be doing. I think my in-laws want us to come visit again. Shannon still needs to get the car fixed! I have no idea when that's happening.

I don't think I'll be able to volunteer with the puppies. They asked for a schedule of when I can volunteer and that's really hard to say since Shannon's schedule changes LITERALLY every week! Plus, we don't know his schedule for the next week until Thursday or Friday before. This has always been difficult for me to set up doctor appointments too.

Shannon and I haven't had much time to talk, catch up, or spend time together. By the time he gets home, I am asleep. I have tried staying up until he gets home, but I am usually too tired the next morning to function! LOL He doesn't get up until about 10 to 15 minutes before he has to start getting ready for work.

Bed Bugs, Taxes, & Super Bowl already?

I only realized earlier this week that the Super Bowl is this Sunday! LOL Neither Shannon nor myself watch sports. Shannon said his workplace is having a party that's open to the public but I guess they set it up way too late.

Shannon said that one of the rooms at the hotel have bed bugs! The housekeeper that went to check it out said they were all over! UGH! Anyway, the inspector that came out to look at the room, said it looks like they've been there awhile. She said they may even infected other rooms. Well, the Assistant GM convinced her to basically lie on her report to say that it's only in one room, etc, etc.

Anyway, when the housekeeper went to clean the room, they didn't tell her it had bed bugs. So she just put the sheets out in the hallway, where they sat until a houseman came and picked them up with his bare hands to put them in the laundry!!!! They didn't even tell the housekeepers!!!! We don't even know if the bed bugs were in the sheets, they had open access to the other rooms on the floor! YUCK!

The last two days, I've been working as much as I can. I am just trying to earn as much as I can until the end of the month. I will get my first paycheck from this company next month around the 21st. I just needed to motivate myself into working again. I also expressed interest for another texting job with another company. I am not sure if I am going to send in my application now, but I am keeping the email just in case. I have heard some really bad things about this company, so I am not sure if I want that drama in my life. Some people have said that the managers/moderators will stab you in the back and leave you for dead. I am not saying I don't believe the "talk" but I do take that into consideration! LOL For now I will keep working for my current company and gain experience with them.

Shannon brought home his W-2 the other night. That prompted me to gather all of our documents together and have everything in one place. We're still waiting on a few 1099s! Once we have everything, I can file our taxes and get that over with.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Another Obama Spoof Video

Here's another Obama Spoof Video. I heard about this one on Entertainment Tonight. The actor in this video said he would never disrespect the President and he would leave Michelle and the kids out of the videos. In other words, he keeps the family out of these spoofs.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Obama Spoof Music Video

I heard about this spoof video on Inside Edition last night. I don't search youtube that often so I don't hear about these videos until I see them on tv.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


There's a fellow blogger who wrote a blog entry about her husband and she described his behavior. She said that he would get upset when her employer would call and ask if she could work extra hours. He would have a fit and tell her NO.

She also said that she likes being to buy her own stuff, and wondered how she can earn money when her husband wants her to stay at home all the time. It sounded like he was going to school and working, and he wanted her to work her scheduled hours, and that was it. Nothing more. She expressed that she wanted to try to earn extra money for her household to help out, but her husband wouldn't let her. So sad!

I left her a comment on her blog and apparently she didn't like it and she deleted it! LOL I told her that I thought her husband sounds immature and selfish. My husband is the complete opposite from her husband and it's sad that she puts up with him. My husband encourages me to go for what I want! He wants me to be happy. Lady, that is what a REAL SPOUSE/lover is about, wanting YOU to be happy and succeed!

Bloody Monday

Yesterday was known as Bloody Monday. At first I heard that 40,000 people were laid off, but the number jumped to as many as 70,000! These jobs were lost from big corporations! It's just so sad to hear about so many people across our nation getting laid off. In a nearby city, The Home Depot Design Center will be closing, and 93 jobs will be lost!

Then I heard that Jack in the Box is considering outsourcing their drive-thru orders. When you pull up to their drive-thru, you could be talking to someone in a call center!! Can you imagine?

This is seriously really scary for me. It got me to thinking about us really considering growing our on veggies or fruits at home. However, I have never grown veggies or fruits at home. LOL For now, we are slowly stocking up on canned foods, rice, and other food staples.

Monday, January 26, 2009

He loves to eat!

Kyle loves to eat Ramen noodles! His daddy eats them all the time and Kyle would always want to eat with him. Plus the noodles are small and he can pick them up pretty easily. Now that we have our dining table, we started giving him his own little bowl of noodles. I've been giving him about half of the package of noodles and beef mix to eat on his own. I pour out almost all of the liquid and he eats it all up! I tried giving him the noodles with lots of the liquid in there and half of the juice ended up on him and the table! LOL

Since Kyle was a little guy, he's loved cheerios and honey nut cheerios. However, we buy the malt-o-meal brand and they come in big bags! Now he loves eating his cereal in a bowl with milk! It's so cute to watch him eat his cereal with a spoon and then drink the milk afterwards. My 3 year old, picking up the bowl and putting it to his mouth on his own, to drink his milk still amazes me!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

A little something different

We just got back from Walmart a little while ago. We bought so much food! Instead of the usual, I went with "refried beans, shredded cheese, salsa, tortillas, and potatoes theme." I needed something different this time around, I am a little tired of pastas and rice type of dishes! The next two weeks of meals will be burritos, quesadillas, and/or baked potatoes!

We haven't bought any junk food or sodas lately. Shannon is on a "trail mix and granola" kick, so they are always in the house. I don't mind, they are both good and the granola goes great with my yogurt. We did buy some frozen concentrate orange juice again this time, which is great to drink instead of water all the time.
I bought colorful writing paper to use for writing letters to my pen pals. I stocked up on tooth brushes for us and Kyle, as well as toddler toothpaste (it's safe to swallow).

We also needed new sippy cups for Kyle! The last time we bought sippy cups for him was about 2 1/2 years ago or so. So these are for bigger kids. Hopefully he'll get used to these.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Kyle's Likes

Shannon and I were talking about the things that Kyle would like to do. We know that he loves animals and Shannon thought of a petting zoo and then I suggested a circus or even a zoo. Apparently there's a petting zoo near us. Although I am a little hesitant to take Kyle to a petting zoo because he tends to let animals "kiss" him on the mouth and face! LOL At least that's what he does with my in-laws dog! After that happens, Kyle's face starts to get red from all that dog slobber! LOL We would love to take him to a zoo or circus but I think he'd get bored after awhile.

I also think that Kyle would like a discovery type museum. The type that let kids play, touch/feel, jump on, just to discover things! Kyle likes to see things happen, meaning if he pushes a button or turns a door knob, he likes seeing what he did!
Then I saw this story on the news about volunteering, which is what I was thinking about earlier today. I found a volunteer opportunity in our area to work with puppies! I am not sure if they would allow a toddler, but I think Kyle would love playing with puppies and petting them. So I am going to check with Shannon and see what he thinks about this and then contact the organization for more info!
I haven't been much in the mood to work this week. After I saw how the bosses are with the operators, it was a real turn off to me. I have never seen management like this. So I am keeping my distance but also doing work here and there.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Weekend off

Shannon has this Saturdy and Sunday off! We need to get groceries this weekend, hopefully he won't wait til the last minute. Shannon also said we need to get the car fixed. In addition to everything else that needs to be fixed, one of our headlights is out. I don't even want to think about how much that is going to cost.

I also recorded Lost on our DVR, so I am waiting til we can watch it together. It's literally been so long that I don't remember the details of what happened on the season finale! I think it's been at least 8 months since the finale! LOL I can't wait to watch the premiere!

I haven't had much time to work. Kyle seem to always be near me or sit right next to me. Plus I wake up so early (because he wakes up early) and by the time he's asleep at night, I am tired too.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Must be a slow news day

I just saw this story on yahoo: Obama takes presidential oath — again.

Whew! Thank goodness they did this, because otherwise I would NOT be able to go on another day! NOW, I can sleep!


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

We witnessed History in the Making!

Shannon and I watched history in the making today as Barack Obama was sworn in as the 44th President of the United States!

Shannon and I watched the inauguration together. I have never watched an inauguration so it was a little exciting, plus I had my family there to share it with. When Aretha Franklin started singing, Kyle ran over to the couch and sat there listening to her sing. While Shannon and I were watching, Kyle ran and played around the house doing his thing.

There were a few funny moments, including the mess up with the oath! There were also a few instances where Obama was sitting down to sign papers, he went to try to twist the pen open, and then he he stood up and smiled some more. Then they gave him more papers to sign, to which he had to sit back down. Later, they were presenting him with a flag and he went to reach for it and the person turned around and left! LOL It's so funny to see these flubs! Didn't they walk him through what would be happening and how to react?

Where were you?

This is a day in history of my lifetime that I will be able to look back on and think about. I can remember where I was on September 11, 2001. Unfortunately I was not with my husband at the time, so I prefer not to remember all the details. ;)

Other than that, I can look back on this day and remember where my husband, son, and I were. Shannon has the day off, so we'll be spending the day together. This time in history, Kyle is here with us to witness.
Yesterday, Shannon had mentioned that he's glad it isn't McCain who is our next president (me too)! He's happy that it's Obama, rather than McCain. Shannon didn't vote for either candidates, he and I voted for different people. We respect each other and who we decided to voted for. Shannon and I both agree that McCain is Bush 2, and that is the last thing we need. I am looking forward to our new President.

I woke up to snow on the ground! The first snow fall of the year. So pretty!

So, where were you on this day in history?

Monday, January 19, 2009

It's Official

Well, this is the announcement on our bank website... I knew this was coming and I wasn't looking forward to it. I have never personally banked with Wells Fargo but I have heard that they have fees for every little thing that you do with them. Shannon used to have an account with them and he said they charged him a fee for closing his account. I wouldn't be surprised if they had fees to open an account, make a deposit, make a withdrawl, etc. In other words, I am not a big fan of Wells Fargo.

I am really happy with Wachovia, and I hope they won't change anything that they are doing.

Here is the TV commercial that is airing:

Training for another platform

I just got word from one of the managers with the company that I work with that I can train for another platform (section of the company). I am excited and looking forward to this! I just downloaded the training manual, and I'll have Shannon print it out for me so I can study it.

I like the platform I am on now, but it does get exhausting and repetitive! So I think training on another platform will help "change it up" a bit for me. I need something different to keep me motivated to keep working.

I have been exhausted the last few days. For some reason, Kyle wants to stay up later than normal. He's been going to bed around 8:30pm -9pm. He doesn't want to fall asleep in our bed (like usual), he likes falling asleep on my lap while I am using my laptop! When he eventually falls asleep, I put him in his room.

I have had less time to devote to working as well, but I am trying to find time here and there. I've already made my requirement for the month, so I don't have to stress about that. But I am still working as much as I can.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Changed Blog Link

I decided to change this blog link to www.spelledwithPH.blogspot.com

I saw someone spell my name with an "F" instead of "PH" so this got me to thinking of a new blog link. Don't ask me how, it just did! LOL

Anyway, I think this link is much easier to remember!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Thinking things through

I am unsure about my job. I love it and all but I am seeing now that they can be demanding! First, I get a private message (instant message) from the HR lady saying I need to answer some of the texts, when I was in the middle of one when she messaged me. That kind of pissed me off. Don't single me out like that. You can do all your little pinging over and over, but don't tell me I need to work, especially when I am. Since then, I tend to not log into messenger when I am working because they seem so pushy! That really upset me.

Then last night, one of the bosses basically cusses at her moderators in her message. When you log in, you can see their name and a message going out to everyone. Maybe I am reading it wrong, but here is the message that shows up on messenger and when she logs in.

I am just going to focus on my own work and work when I can, and as often as I can to earn that money! It's a great job, I may look into training on another area as well!

Shannon is doing okay at work. It sounds like his boss is still being a hard ass. She seems to want to micro-manage EVERYTHING and everyone! Nobody is doing a good enough job either. Then we get a call from a property in Arkansas. Apparently, Shannon's HR sent his resume to their HR for an open position they have. It's for an "assistant" position. We both agree, that we're not going to move to another state for an assistant position. It's better to stay where we are, plus we'd have to start all over there! It was very nice of his HR to do that for us, but we were hoping for a higher position! We are very thankful that he went out of his way to do that. But we also wondered why now would he put in a good word for Shannon? Why not back in November or December? It just sounds like weird timing to us.

The other night, Shannon received a phone call from one of our local politicians that he's been in touch with through a forum. They know each other through the Ron Paul forum and we even voted for him when he ran for a position (unfortunately he lost) in this past election. Anyway, Shannon had expressed interest in helping with a non-profit, so he was calling to see if Shannon was still interested! This is an unpaid/volunteer position. I told Shannon to go for it, since he would like this sort of thing. He emailed the politician back asking for more info on what he is looking for, what his expectations are, etc. Plus to collaborate with a politician would be a great opportunity on so many levels!

We also started giving Kyle his cereal with milk! Before, he always had cereal without milk (I wasn't looking to clean up a huge mess). But now that we have our dining table, I don't mind as much. He loves it! He has it every morning for breakfast. Since his eating habits change, this may change next week.

I also earned a free lavender comfort pillow from one of my home businesses! You can visit my personal link here. I can't wait to try this product! I have never tried anything like this. But it sounds perfect for me to wear on my shoulders while I am working! hehe. I am not sure what pattern I am receiving but here's is an idea of what it looks like. I did have to pay for shipping, which wasn't that bad!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I don't mean to sound heartless but...

My husband and I were watching the news tonight and we saw this story.

So we're sitting there watching the story on tv and I notice a nice flat screen tv in the background, I don't really know if it's a plasma or an LCD, I wouldn't really know the difference. I even make a comment to my husband saying, "damn, look at the flat screen tv!" Then the camera turns back to the woman and she says, "I'm on a fixed income and I budget for his doctors and his medication and $90 is not a lot to some people, but it’s the principle,” (This is quoted in the news story as well). Fixed income my ass! LOL

Okay, so it's not my place to judge, it's not my business what she spends her money on. But to use her words, "it's principle." If you are going to go on CAMERA and complain about the cost of medication, why don't you stop showing off your damn TV... on tv!

Hey, we're on a very LOW income budget and WE don't have a flat screen tv. I wish we had her "fixed income."

And no, I am not bitter, just surprised at her audacity to complain on TV!

Our Saturday

Shannon is off of work today. He has a full work week (5 days) for the first time in months! I am so glad! I guess they are busy this week because everyone else has more hours too. I hope to see more full work weeks for him. People are suffering from lack of hours and yet the manager is being a hard ass! I hope she understands that people aren't salary and don't have a set paycheck like she does.

There are a few new hotels opening up in our area and we haven't heard anything yet about them hiring or opening. Either way, the new hotels bring new jobs and new opportunities for everyone.

I am now on my 4th day on my new work at home job. I am having so much fun and still very thankful for the opportunity. I have set a daily goal for myself and so far it's going really well. If I can pay just one of our bills, it would really help us. I did consider going for a moderator position with this company, but I really like not having a schedule. I like working when I want to! I have also found that I can't work for long periods of time. LOL I can't explain it, but I find myself taking a lot of little breaks. They've been really busy when I am online so I've been meeting my goal with no problem.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Memories of 2008

After I read my blogging friend, Brandy's Blog (of her list of 2008 memories), I was inspired to write my own. Be sure to visit her blog and read her list! Maybe you'll be inspired too!

This list may be updated from time to time, so be sure to check back!

1. I celebrated 5 years of being married!

2. Kyle turned 2!

3. Shannon got a new job and we were able to move and get our OWN place

4. I turned 25 for the 3rd time =)

5. We qualified to have Kyle on Medicaid

6. We bought our FIRST dining room table set! Kyle is now feeding himself. (so happy about this!)

7. I have made some awesome new friendships online!

8. I have also been reminded to trust my instincts and listen to what my instincts are saying.

Up at 1:30am

My husband got home around 1:30am or so. He went grocery shopping right after work. He woke me up and asked if I wanted to help put the groceries away, which I don't mind doing, especially if I can spend time with him and talk for a bit. :)

He bought so much food. He said it was really nice being able to buy all that food, swipe a card and not pay a dime of our own money. Food Stamps are great and he loves having them. I told him I felt the same way after Kyle's doctor appointment. I went to check out and they said, "Okay, you are all set." It was nice not having to worry about paying a co-pay or receiving a bill a few weeks later.

Shannon knew I wanted to try to bake a cake for Kyle's birthday. Kyle deserves a nice treat, he is such a good boy. Shannon bought me Reese's desert bar mix that comes with a pan and there's no baking! How fun is that? It sounds easy, so hopefully I won't find a way to burn it. LOL I've never made a dessert, so this should be a good way for me to start. I am going to make it on my husband's next day off so we can all enjoy it.

I asked Shannon about his day (at work) and he said it was shitty! After he explained what had happened, it sounds like his boss is jealous of him. She's the type of manager to hover over everyone, ask you what you're doing, ask you to do 15 things, or just want to do every job there is. Shannon is the opposite ~ laid back type of manager, he empowers his shift to handle just about any situation. He doesn't hover, he trusts they are doing their job. Then she brought up that he talks politics with one of the girls who works there. She told him that "everyone" calls them ... (cue the suspenseful music)...BUDDIES!!! AHHH! How dare he have buddies at work!!! I was wondering if everyone thinks they are lovers or something. LOL Even Shannon thought that people may think that too. For the record, I trust my husband and he would never cheat. He's just not that type. There's another girl there that talks sports with people, and apparently there is no problem with HER being buddies with the people she talks to. So what's the deal? Shannon is the only male in his department, so maybe that's why he sticks out.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Thankful and Blessed!

In addition to being thankful and blessed to have my family and a roof over my head, I am also loving my work at home job. I am so glad that I now have a semi-steady income. Amidst our current economy, there is no telling what may happen when more jobs are lost. There are a few people I am friends with on myspace that are currently looking for jobs. It is so sad, and I really hope they find something. I have messaged them with work at home job leads, so it's up to them to pursue them. They are legit too.

I got my permanent logins this morning. I was online this morning and all the moderators were going crazy! It was really busy and backed up that even the bosses logged on to help. I even received a few emails letting all operators know that it's busy. So I logged on and worked for a few hours.

Friday, January 9, 2009

I Passed Training!

I am so excited!!! I just passed training for my work at home job!!! I answered a few questions from the manual to make sure I read it. Then she had me login to the system and look around to get used to the screen, answer a few texts from customers and that was it. The training took about an hour, and it wasn't that hard. She also sent me somethings to download and of course I couldn't figure the gosh-dang thing out. LOL She was so patient, thank goodness! I made the process harder than it really was. She also sent me a few files to read through later as well.

I am so glad I took their advice, they suggested I create a separate MSN email address/login for this job. I will be using this MSN login strictly when I am working. They use MSN so you can contact a moderator/manager whenever you need help or assistance.

I will get my permanent logins in a few days as well, but I can keep working until then!

I was also able to get Kyle to bed before my training. He went to bed a bit later than usual because his Daddy was home today. When his daddy is home, he gets distracted and wants to play! hehe.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

More Training

This afternoon I received another email saying that I passed the first step of training. For the second part, they sent me a manual with a wealth of information. It's very overwhelming! So much to learn.

I had to create a whole new MSN email address to use for this job and download MSN Messenger as well. Training will be done through MSN Messenger. I also have to set up a training date within a week. Yikes! So little time to study! I just don't know if I can fully "learn" just by reading a manual. I am more of a "hands-on" type of learner. Overall, the system looks pretty easy but I won't know until I try it out, but I won't be able to try it out unless I pass training. LOL

It's a lot of information to learn in such a short amount of time. I am nervous, but I know that I want to do this.

Shannon is off tomorrow! We really need groceries, I had to get creative on what to make for dinner last night and this afternoon. LOL

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Getting Closer to the End

This afternoon, I received an email from HR and she was finally about to open my application! Yay! She then sent me step 1 of the training. I had to fill out some sample questions. That took me about an hour or so. I had to log on to Shannon's computer to fill in my answers in MS Word because I don't have MS Word on my computer. Then I had to email my answers in. If I pass step 1, then I go on to step 2 and start training with a moderator/manager on messenger. Still keeping my fingers crossed!

I also transplanted a handful of my plants. What a mess! LOL Kyle had to be in the front row and see what was happening. When I took apart just one of my pots, I found I had 3 separate spider plants (instead of 1). I may have to add more soil to the baggies, since it looks like I only filled the baggies halfway. I will be so glad when all potting soil is out of the house! I found out tonight that potting soil gets EVERYWHERE! LOL I also need to find unique vessels to put my plants in. Here are some examples of what I mean. I don't want to buy the vessels through Plantmakers when I can get them from Walmart for much less. They don't have to be exactly like the ones in the pictures ~ I can design my own!

I've been trying to watch all of my shows I have saved on my DVR since I haven't had time to watch. My DVR was getting backed up so I watched some of my shows last night and this afternoon. I am in the middle of watching The Bachelor. I don't know if I can't get into the show this year, although it is different this year from other seasons. The Bachelor is a single dad, and he brought his son along to stay with him. There are also a few single moms on the show. I don't know what it's like to be a single parent, but I do have to agree with the moms on the show when they say that these girls have no idea what it's like to be a mom! Even before I had my son, I thought I knew what it was like to have kids, but I didn't! It's not always easy.

Eventful Day

I am feeling accomplished and proud of myself!!! This seems to be a really great day for me.

I received another email from the HR representative for the work at home job I am applying for. She said she was unable to open the file with my application and asked me to convert it to jpeg. Since I am not technical in anyway possible way, I was stumped. Since I have the internet at my fingertips (my "aha" moment), I did a search on how to convert PDF to jpeg, and lo and behold, they had SIMPLE instructions to follow! I really thought it would be a technical mumbo jumbo process, but thankfully it wasn't! I am so proud of myself for figuring out how to convert PDF to a jpeg!

Kyle has been "talking" a lot today. On our daily walk around the complex, he kept leaning his head back (as if looking at the sky) with his eyes closed and "talk." He did this over and over again. He's also playing with the phone we have that is attached to our fax machine. He keeps picking it up and putting the phone to his ear and "talking" into it.

Shannon brought home two big chocolate chip cookies with white chocolate chips in them from work. Anyway, I've been eating little pieces of one of the cookies throughout the morning. This afternoon, Kyle got into the kitchen and found the other cookie. When I "caught" him, he came out of the kitchen with chocolate crumbs around his mouth and he was holding pieces of the cookie and there were crumbs on his hands too! It was the cutest thing!

I also received my order from Plantmakers!! My new plant looks cute and healthy! I am very happy about that. I wiped down her leaves because there was some dirt and dust on them. I will be transplanting some of my plants tonight.

The weather has been miserable here. Yesterday it rained for most of the day. I took Kyle out on a walk yesterday and we were soaked by the time we got home. Last night it rained and it came down hard enough on the windows to wake me up for a bit. Today it has stopped raining but it's windy and a little overcast.

Monday, January 5, 2009

4 Days

Shannon had the last 4 days off, which happen to include our anniversary and Kyle's birthday! It was nice to spend time together. We couldn't really do anything or go anywhere. I believe he works another 3 days and then he's off yet again! He said they are supposed to be busy next week, so hopefully that means a full work week.

I received a response back from the company I am applying with for a work at home position. She just had additional questions for me and I already sent her a reply. I hope to hear more tomorrow.

Kyle's schedule has changed a bit to where I had to move our dinner time up an hour to 4pm. He's tired by 6:30pm-ish and asleep by 7pm or so. He also gets up really early, but lately I've been getting up before him. Shannon comes to bed around 4:30am to 5am and that's when I am half awake half asleep. I like getting up before Kyle and starting my day because it gives me just a little big of quiet time to myself.

I am interested in making all natural homemade soap. I found a few sites that have affordable starter kits. I am going to wait at least a month or so before I think about buying a kit. Until then, I am still researching, reading up on the process and the ingredients involved.

Little Update

I have a quick update on a previous post of mine found here. As you can see, I was very hurt and upset with this direct sales representative. On the advice of a friend and fellow blogger, I passed on this email to the owner of the company! Well, actually, I forwarded it to the rep I did end up purchasing from and she sent it to the owner for me!

In a way, I don't mind what he does, I am just satisfied that he has the information. He can do what he chooses. It is his company, it would be up to him if he wants a rep like that representing his company, right?

I was able to place my order last Friday and it will be shipped out today! I can't wait to transplant my plants into this soil! One of the reasons I bought it was because all of my plants have to stay out of my son's reach, otherwise, there will be soil everywhere! Plus, there will be no mess, it's clean and safe! I won't have to worry about buying messy potting soil and worry about storing it. There will be no bugs (not that I have that problem now) to worry about either. The last time I bought potting mix, I had bugs a few days after I potted up my plants. Also, if my plants tip over or get knocked over from my son, there won't be a mess to clean up! I love no messes! I also ordered a new plant with this order. It's also in the "top 10" for filtering the air, I am all for clean air!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

3 Years Ago...

Three years ago today, our son, Kyle was born! Our little boy is officially 3 years old!

Three years ago today, Kyle was born about a week early. I was supposed to start my one week vacation from my job at the time. I had planned to clean the house, do laundry, and finish packing my overnight hospital bag. I wanted to get everything ready for his arrival. Since I never had the chance to finish packing, we literally just scooped everything up and brought it with us to the hospital that morning.
Yesterday, I asked Shannon what tomorrow is and his answer was, "Uh, Saturday." LOL I said, "It's YOUR SON'S BIRTHDAY!"

To our son, Kyle ~

Friday, January 2, 2009

Signed, Sealed, Delivered

Well, actually I just "signed, scanned, and emailed" my application for a work at home job I am applying for. Now, it's time to wait!

The So-Called New Year's Resolutions

I've seen a lot of blog entries from other bloggers writing about New Year's Resolutions, so I thought I'd add my 5 cents worth!

I have never really been one to officially make New Year's Resolutions. Why set myself up to fail? I was looking through a Walmart ad yesterday and the entire ad featured exercise equipment, eating right, exercise videos, workout clothes, etc. I find it funny that stores completely take advantage of this time of year and play on everyone's resolutions (I don't mean this in a mean way), I just think it's strategic of them! Although, for those who already workout, exercise, eat right on a regular basis, this would be a good time to buy what you need on sale, right?

I don't like to see people fail at their resolutions, but why create such HIGH expectations for yourselves? Why not start small and then make goals as you go?

I think the BEST way to stick to your resolutions and promises to yourself is to make a small goal. Keep following through, and don't give up! Don't forget to reward yourself, because you deserve it!

Are you the type to make resolutions? Do you find yourself failing every year? Don't give up this year. Make a change for the better! If you want to achieve something, just go for it.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

My Dilemma with a corn FLAKE!

I've been wanting to purchase some items from Plantmakers and I had 2 reps email me. Of course, I chose the first rep to work with before the second one emailed me. Anyway, the first rep turned out to be a big corn FLAKE!

Everytime I emailed her, I felt like I had to jump through hoops just to get a response from her. I felt like I was bothering her with my questions/emails. She would also say she would do something and never follow through, which happened twice! Last week, she said she was going out of town and wouldn't have access to a computer until Monday night (she'd get back to me then). Well, Monday night came...and went. I didn't want to email her since I felt like I was annoying her. So I waited a whole 24 hours (Tuesday night) to email her with simply "any news?" She did reply back but never answered my question, so I emailed her back with the same question. Anyway, I finally placed my order with her on Wednesday (yesterday evening), and she said she would invoice (send me a bill through paypal) later that night. When I went to check my email the next morning (today), there was NO invoice!!!

I am pretty upset at this point. I've been so patient with this woman and she keeps disappointing me. I am anxious to place my order and yet she just takes her sweet time.

Today I contacted the other rep who emailed me and she sounded so enthusiastic and excited to help me! Not only that, she emailed me back tonight with how to order from her!!! This is what I expect from someone I am ordering from! Is that too much to ask? Or maybe MY expectations are too high? If someone wanted to order from me, I would be MORE than willing to help them with any questions they may have. I would return their email as soon as I could. You can call me impatient with wanting to place my order quickly, but I am an impulse buyer and when I want something, I have to order it in that moment, otherwise I will probably lose interest!

Anyway, I decided to email the first rep and cancel my order. I still had not heard from her and it had been over 24 hours since the time she said she would invoice me. She emailed me back within a few minutes and responds with the following BULLSHIT "i was just about to invoice you." LOL

All in all, my best advice is to go with your instincts! I already KNOW this but I was TRYING to be patient and it ended up backfiring.

Happy 6th Anniversary!

Today is my 6th Wedding Anniversary!

I am so glad 2008 is over with. I really hope for a better 2009 for us! With new hotels opening up in a few months, there will be new jobs in our area. With new hotels, come new jobs, which means people will be looking! Either way, there will be lots of open positions and hopefully our city can prosper from the new hotels!

His work is still cutting down everyone’s hours. There are people in other departments working as little as one day a week!!!! Not only that, they said that November was their most profitable month EVER (and here they are laying people off)!!!

Kyle will be 3 years old in 2 days! He’s doing really well eating at the table (I am so proud!). He seems to prefer to eat with me and not by himself! He’s really cute getting his food on the spoon or fork and then using his other hand to either pick up the food or put the food on the spoon or fork, he loves eating with TWO hands! He’s learning how to feed himself and he seems to be a pro at it, minus the mess he leaves behind. LOL It is definitely less work for me, now that we have our dining table!!!! These days, he drinks nothing but water. Once in awhile, he’ll have apple juice but we have since stopped buying it. Sometimes he’ll drink chocolate soy milk, but still prefers water. We have him on a vitamin, which he loves taking. The vitamin looks and tastes just like a gummy bear! A lot of times, he’ll eat nothing but honey nut cheerios (we buy the malt-o-meal brand that come in the big bags), or he’s just really picky with the food that he eats.