His First Visit To His New School

Kyle starts school in just a few days!  He will be starting 6th grade at a brand new school, in a new school district.  

Monday, June 27, 2011

Appointment Scheduled

Last month, I made an appointment for Shannon to be seen by a "family doctor" so that he can get a referral for a Gastroenterologist.  He went to the appointment and about a week later, they called with him the appointment for the Gastroenterologist.  His appointment is tomorrow afternoon, and I believe this doctor will tell him the same thing the "family doctor" told him!  Hopefully after that, they can schedule a surgery! 

Today, I called the same practice about making myself an appointment for an annual exam.  My appointment is in a few weeks (the second week of July)!  I am excited since I haven't been to the doctor for this type of appointment in over 4 years!  Now that we're on Medicaid, we can now go see a doctor. 

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A day out of routine

Yesterday was a little out of routine for us.  Kyle ended up falling asleep around 11pm (I think that's the normal time) but I usually go to bed around 8 PM or 9 PM because I like to get up around 5 AM to do my workout without disturbing anyone. 

I didn't go to bed until midnight and woke up around 8 AM this morning.  I didn't do my workout and was feeling a little out of sorts and not sure what I should be doing.  I just didn't feel like my normal self.  Well, I ended up doing my workout this afternoon while Shannon was away!  Kyle was home with me so he had fun watching me.  I am just glad I didn't stray from my workout schedule because I am really trying to stay on track!

Monday, June 13, 2011

a bee a boo

Yesterday, Kyle was saying "abee aboo" or "a bee a boo" and making it a little song.  At the time, he was holding his Winnie the Pooh movie.  Then he brought it over to me and handed it to me and said "a bee a boo" and I realized he was saying "Winnie the Pooh."

He also knows how to say "oobie" which is a show he likes on Nick Jr.  We discovered this show on accident while he was sick last year.  This show is on at 2am and 2:30am.  Now that we have DVR, I record the show and play it when he asks (which is all the time). 

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Water Day on the last day of school

Yesterday was Kyle's last day of school.  As I dropped him off at his class, I realized he was already used to going to school again.  He didn't seem as nervous as last week.  Yesterday was "water day" so they had a few inflatable pools for the kids.  I also packed Kyle's backpack with swim trunks (second hand from my youngest cousins), a towel, and a change of clothes.  As soon as he arrived at school, his teacher changed him into his swim trunks because they were going to go outside to play in the water soon after breakfast! 

When it came time to pick him up, the teachers said he played in the water (which I figured)!  Kyle loves water!  It sounds like he had fun!  When I arrived, his class was eating lunch and watching Finding Nemo! 

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Fungus Gnats!

Ever since we moved here, my houseplants have had fungus gnats!  They are crawling around in the soil too.  I tried letting my plants dry out between waterings and it seems they are still there.  I finally got tired of sitting there trying to catch the flying gnats with the vacuum hose and bought some organic insecticidal spray soap stuff.  It kills many other bugs but I think it will help with the gnats!  When I was looking for a solution, I wanted something safe to use around Kyle as well as us.  I don't want to pollute the air we breathe and it's safe enough to use on vegetable gardens.  Earlier this week, I tried having small containers of water with a little bit of dish soap mixed in and that caught at least 20 gnats!  Hopefully the organic insecticidal spray soap will work. 

Kyle had preschool today.  He went from 8:30am until 12pm today, so he stayed through lunch.  It sounds like he did better today!  He acts like he doesn't want me to leave but once he's preoccupied, I can leave and he's fine!  He has school for the rest of this week as well. 

We went grocery shopping at Walmart this afternoon.   I am going to try to use coupons to help us save money.  We have a Walgreens about 2 blocks from us so I am slowly building up my coupons and printing them out online.  I am focusing on non-food items for now such as paper towels, toilet paper, toothbrushes, and toothpaste.  I am going to try to follow the Walgreens ad and match my coupons with their sales to help us save more.  I did have to buy paper towels and spray n wash today since we are almost out of paper towels and I really needed spray n wash! 

I finally received another book to read and review!  I've been bored for the last week so now I'll have something to do! 

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Day 2 of 5 = School

Kyle's second day of school went well!  His teacher gave me the information about the summer program and when I looked at the contact name, I noticed he had the same last name as Kyle's teacher: Sheffield.  I thought they may be related but didn't want to assume anything.  When we got home from dropping him off at school, I quickly sent him an email and about a half hour later he called.  I let it go to voicemail and decided to call him back after we picked up Kyle. 

When I called him back, he told me that he is married to Ms. Sheffield (Kyle's teacher)!  I believe "things happen for a reason" and Kyle was assigned to her class for a reason.  She is the one who recommended this program for Kyle and I think this would be really good for him and for us.  This place offers us some alone/quiet time while he is taken care of.  I think without her recommendation, we would have never found this place.  Mr. Sheffield told me that the program is paid for by Medicaid through the "CAP" program, which we would have to apply for separately.  I guess that can take a few weeks to actually get approved.  I called the contact person and she is out of the office on Friday and Monday and will return Tuesday.  I made an appointment with Mr. Sheffield so that we could see the place and take a tour.  We will also try to fill out some paperwork while we are there.  Shannon looked up the place online and found out that it's not too far from us. 

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Day 1 of 5 = School

Kyle had his first day of preschool at the new school!  The teacher said there is only 5 days left of the school year and she voiced her concerns that there isn't enough time to acclimate him to their routine/schedule, but that she trusts the parents to make that decision.  We decided to start today and tomorrow as a "half day," meaning he would go from 8:20am until 10:30am. 

When we went to pick him up, I could tell the teacher was concerned that there is no language (which we are well aware of).  I think she was surprised!  I told her that he was in speech and occupational therapy and she would refer us to a speech therapist and an occupational therapist.  She also mentioned a "summer program" for children with special needs that Kyle would qualify for and it would be free of charge!  They also have beds so if they kids wanted to stay overnight, they could.  They can pet animals and ride horses, which I think Kyle would eventually like to do!  He especially likes to let animals lick him on the face! 

I like that we are now living in a "big city" because there seems to be more services available for Kyle.