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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Customer Care Center

Our agency went through a huge change.  Most people were moved to different areas of the building to accommodate our services to make it easier for our customers.  Soon after I started, my supervisor urged me to apply for a "worker" position -- a promotion.  That way, when I want to move to another county or another state, I would be more valuable to the new agency.  As a worker, they maintain food stamp or medicaid cases. It sounds to be very stressful.

My official title is office assistant/call center representative.  Now that we are now settled in to the call center, we will soon be classified as a "worker."  The title seems to be "eligibility worker."  I will be handed the "promotion" without having to apply for it.  Our call center consists of the two of us from the previous call center and the the five others are medicaid or food stamp workers.  Our area has been working together and they are helping us to answer questions.  We are helping each other and it seems we all get along great.

Last Friday, the "workers" that joined our call center had a chance to learn the phone system and how to answer questions, etc.  We have to be ready to go on Monday.  We will need the medicaid workers help with answering the medicaid line.  The food stamp line is always the busiest and thankfully we will have a food stamp worker in our area now.  She will be helping us with that line.

Since the workers are transferred into the call center, they still have cases that they are trying to finish up to hand off to the department that will take them over.  Since they will still be working on their cases, they will also help answer the medicaid line. 

There are high hopes for the call center and our director is really excited.  We are a part of the the "customer care center."  We are the call center and the other area is the main window that people will go to for quick things, such as dropping of things for their worker, leaving a message for their worker, etc.  Essentially, the "customer care center" will be "workers" to help the other workers focus on their cases.  We will help people update their cases over the phone.  We will soon be able to print things off for them and mail them to out to the customer, and do many more things for people. 

I am more excited for the "promotion" without the pay...  I have been told that we will be classified as "eligibility workers" and we may be re-evaluated for the raise in pay.  I am really not concerned with the pay.  As soon as I have the title, I will be updating my resume to reflect the change. 

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