His First Visit To His New School

Kyle starts school in just a few days!  He will be starting 6th grade at a brand new school, in a new school district.  

Monday, March 31, 2008

So READY to move!

With the thought of moving into our own place, I am really itching to move right away. I was telling Shannon last night that I can’t wait until we can move. Knowing that our apartment is waiting for us, it’s exciting. Our tentative move in date is for late April but we hope to move in sooner. If I get my checks this week, we’re going to start planning and setting up to move.

Shannon and I barely get time together and he doesn’t get to spend much time with Kyle either. We have just enough time to tell each other how our day went.

I’ve been reading some articles and watching a few videos for more info on Autism. There were parents who said they “knew right away that something was wrong.” I could not relate to any of the articles I was reading. The videos described autistic kids vs. non-autistic kids. Anyway, Kyle sounds non-autistic. He loves closing doors, running through different rooms, crawling up the stairs, down the stairs, flipping light switches he can reach, etc. There may be times where he doesn’t hear me call his name, but it doesn’t mean he’s deaf or autistic. I know he hears us. He hears me when I say “Kyle, NO!” or “Kyle, get down!” LOL He even hears me when I ask him if he wants to go outside to play. He hears when I turn on a favorite Disney movie or find his favorite show. He may not talk yet, but that doesn’t make him autistic.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Relaxing Family Day

Today was Shannon’s day off from work. We had a chance to talk over lunch and coffee. We just talked about his job and how everything is going. I also let him know what’s been going on with Kyle. We also talked about moving expenses and figured out what our monthly bills would cost. It looks like we’ll be okay in terms of paying our bills. We decided that we’re going to rent a washer and dryer instead of purchasing them. There are a few things we need once we get all moved in. But it is all very exciting thinking about our new apartment and being closer to Shannon’s new job.

Shannon had to run a few errands today. He dropped off his suits to get them fixed and pick up his new suits. One of his suits is an Armani! Anyway, they are very nice and he needed them for work. Shannon also had to get his hair cut.

After he was done with his errands, we all had a chance to just be together as a family. Shannon spent time with Kyle. I had to do a few loads of laundry.

I am looking for more pen pals so I hope to receive some letters in the next few weeks. I also wrote 2 intro letters today. I have more letters to write this weekend too.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

One Day Off

Shannon has a day off tomorrow. He will be running a few errands for work. He needs to pick up his new suits and drop off his other suits to get fixed. Hopefully he won’t be gone too long. He wants to spend time with Kyle. He doesn’t get to see Kyle for very long these days.

We haven’t figured out what day we’re going to move but we do have a tentative move in date. I am expecting to get paid from a handful of my GPT and PTC sites within the next few days. We’re hoping it will be enough to move, otherwise, we’ll have to wait for a few of Shannon’s paychecks.

Shannon is really enjoying his new job. Everyone seems really nice and laid back. He’s still learning everything but other than that he is really happy there.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Apartment is Ours

Shannon had his second day of work today! On the way home yesterday, the heater in the car quit working. So this morning, Shannon put anti-freeze in the car and it worked fine. We’ll need to get our car checked out once we move in to our apartment.

Shannon dropped off the deposit for our apartment today! They gave him the papers with all the information regarding utilities, our new address, phone numbers, etc. I am so excited and can’t wait to move in. With the papers in my hands, its starting to feel real about moving again and having our own place. We want to move in ASAP but we want to be sure we have enough money to be able to pay for everything.

What’s funny is that the number 13 keeps coming back into our lives. First, Kyle was born on 1/3, he was born in room 13 at the hospital. Our old address had the number 13 in it. Now our new address has 13 in it--twice!

Also, the apartment is only 7 minutes away from Shannon’s new job! Plus Walmart is not too far either.

Shannon had a little more computer training to do today. He said it’s very laid back too. There isn’t much hustle and bustle unless they have a lot of guests coming and going. He had a change to talk with his manager and she is really laid back and open to giving him a weekend off to move. The work schedule also sounds open, which is good. I would prefer if Shannon had week days off, which is normal in the hospitality industry!

Monday, March 24, 2008

We’re Approved!

I think our luck is changing, which I wholeheartedly welcome!

Shannon started his new job today! Obviously he made it safely because we just got a call from the apartment complex we applied with. They called to let us know that we were approved, plus we qualified for the special rate on the deposit! They want us to bring in the deposit today to “reserve our apartment” but that will probably have to wait a few days. I will have to talk to Shannon on how long he wants to wait.

Since Shannon has been gone, I started laundry, cleaned the bathroom and vacuumed! I also had to take Kyle outside a few times today. I am already tired but trying to keep busy at the same time.

I think Shannon and I cannot wait to move. Shannon won’t have to commute an hour and half back and forth and we’d have our OWN place. Also, when we took the tour, they asked if we preferred upstairs or downstairs, which is nice because we never really had the choice. We want a downstairs because its so much easier to access, especially with a little one.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter! My Mother-in-Law bought a little easter basket and plastic easter eggs for Kyle. Kyle had his first Easter egg hunt today! He was so cute. He was more interested in the basket. My Mother-in-Law would show him the eggs and put it in the basket and Kyle would take it out and put it back on the ground! LOL Once we brought him back inside, he had all the eggs in the basket and he kept taking the eggs out of the basket and putting them back in. So he got the hang of it after the egg hunt. He’s been playing with his easter basket and eggs all day. He wasn’t that interested in the candy inside the eggs at all either. He really likes playing with the eggs and the basket.

We also went grocery shopping and stocked up on food for the next few weeks. Shannon also bought Dryel for his suits. I bought more vitamins, a two pack of toothbrushes and toothpaste for Kyle.

Shannon is getting his suits and shirts ready for tomorrow. He also unpacked his undershirts and socks. Shannon bought 2 new suits, new leather shoes, 2 ties, and a dress shirt yesterday.

We had such an eventful weekend that I am exhausted. I have laundry to do this week. I also plan on cleaning while Shannon is at work. It will give me something to do, rather than worry about him.

On Monday, Shannon is going to turn in our application for the apartment that we saw on Friday! They will know the same day if we are approved or not. We really loved the location and the apartment itself. Everything we need is within 20 minutes away. There is even a huge shopping mall nearby.

It won’t be hard to move, since a majority of our stuff is still packed. We are going to rent a U-Haul this time. Once we get moved in, we’ll just have to worry about unpacking and figuring out where everything goes.

We have also been talking about what we need to buy after moving in. We hope to buy a washer and dryer right away. Then we need a new bed. So many things are on our list! We just can’t wait to move into our own place!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Are you racist?

My husband was asked that question today. Then the guy proceeds to ask my husband for money. He said his baby mama needs Similac baby formula and he doesn’t have any money. He then asks my husband if he can go to the ATM to get $16 for him to buy formula! What is up with North Carolinians? Are they that bold about asking for money?

My husband said the guy also stuck his hand IN the car! Who has the balls to do that sort of thing? Is this a common thing here in the south?

Anyway, my husband basically told him NO.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Family Day

We had intended to go to Kyle’s playgroup today, however, when we drove up, we saw that there were no cars in front or in the parking lot. So they were closed today. Since we were in the area, we stopped off at the bank and deposited some of my checks that I earned from my internet sites!

Shannon was offered his new job on Thursday! As soon as that happened, I started looking apartments in the area. He starts his new job on Monday. The only downside is that it is located in Concord, about an hour away, so we’re looking at moving at the end of April.

Shannon said he was thinking about driving out to Concord this weekend to check out the area and maybe look for apartments. Instead of going this weekend, we went today! I was so excited, that we had a chance to spend the day together as a family and it was spur of the moment.

After the bank, we went back home, so my husband could take a shower and I took the opportunity to give Kyle his lunch. I even packed a diaper bag, which I haven’t had to do in MONTHS! We planned on leaving in an hour, which we did. We left for Concord around 1pm. It took over an hour to get there.

We drove past his new job! It is really close to the Lowe’s Motor Speedway. There are lots of shopping, places to eat and many other hotels around. They also have a nice size mall. We stopped off at the mall and ate in the food court. Of course, Kyle, being the 2 year old that he is was being antsy and wanted to walk around. So we each took turns holding him in our laps while the other ate.

I researched apartments online and found a few that I liked. We were looking for one in particular but never did find it. We ended up stumbling upon my very first choice of apartments. My husband saw it on accident and I am glad he did. We took a tour of the place and we really love the 3 bedroom, 2 bath apartment. We are going to apply for the apartment on Monday. We are both very excited and hope that we are approved.

We got home around 6pm. Long day. We had fun day as a family.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Looking Good

“When you wholeheartedly adopt a "with all your heart" attitude and go out with the positive principle, you can do incredible things.” - Norman Vincent Peale

Shannon ended up having 6 interviews today. He had a quick interview with all department heads. It sounds like a good sign that he met with all department heads, since a lot of applicants don’t make it that far. If you make it through, it’s a good sign and they are really considering you. So we should hear back by next week.

Green Cleaning

I’ve been doing some cleaning throughout the day today. I vacuumed, cleaned up our room and the bathroom. I scrubbed the tub, the sink and unclogged the drains. I did all the cleaning using baking soda, white vinegar, and a product by Shaklee. I like cleaning GREEN, rather than use chemicals. Most of the time, Kyle likes to follow me and I’d hate for him to breath in those chemicals. Plus the chemicals started to bother my lungs when I used them a few months ago. The “bleachy” smell was overpowering my lungs.

I am also doing a load of laundry today. I plan on doing a few more loads later this week.

This weekend was a a busy one. On Friday, I went to a skin care party with my mother-in-law. They invited 30 people and were expecting at least 3 or 4 other people. Well it was just the 3 of us, the hostess, my mother-in-law and myself. About an hour into the presentation, another person showed up. I ended up getting a sampler pack to try. I am impressed with the products and the ingredients. However, I am still going to remain faithful to
Mineral Girlz with the makeup and some of the bath & body. Mineral Girlz first more into my budget anyway.

The hostess made a “dessert pizza” that was really good! On Saturday, my mother-in-law and I went to the store to buy the ingredients to make the dessert pizza. Shannon really liked it, but then again, he likes just about anything! We were at the store for about 2 hours and I ended up taking a power nap a few hours after we got home. I was so exhausted! On Sunday, we just relaxed and stayed home.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Another Interview

Shannon has another interview on Monday. This is with the same hotel that interviewed him earlier this week. He interviewed with the Front Office Manager and the Assistant General Manager and now they want him to interview with the General Manager. They called last night, letting him know that they want to interview him again on Monday but are unsure about the time. Also, they said that they are "very interested." So, we are happy about that. This hotel is a little under an hour away. If he were to get this job, we would start looking at apartments in the area. With the outrageous gas prices, it would be the best choice. Plus, I am really looking forward to having our own place.

This is the same place that said they are looking to hire fast! But, "fast" out here means something totally different than what we are used to. There 2 people who are promoting so they want to hire someone quick so that they can start their new jobs. This hotel is doing very well, so that is also good news. Furthermore, this is a fairly new hotel!

Skin Care Party

I went to a skin party with my mother-in-law tonight. It started at 6pm and we got there a little earl The hostess was telling us that they invited 30 people and they were expecting at least 4 other people. Well, it was just my mother-in-law and myself. Another woman showed up about an hour into the show. Apparently this is common out here… People make the commitment to be somewhere but they don’t show up. Or they make a promise to pay you back and don’t. Ironic, since everyone is so religious out here.

I am really impressed with the products, they are all natural. I was only able to purchase a sample pack but it’s a good start. It gives me a chance to at least try the products. I did see some products that I liked. I am very happy with my makeup products but I am willing to try other skin care products. I would surely consider purchasing more in the future. Hopefully I can after my husband is employed again.

We were at the party for about an hour and forty-five minutes! The hostess had a really big poodle but he was very friendly. He was like a child who wanted the attention. He was a really tall dog too! He was just like Sparky (my in-law’s dog), just as happy, excited and into everything. He just wants to know what you are doing and be by your side.

When we got home, Kyle was so happy to see me. He hadn’t seen me since 3pm because he fell asleep around then. He was very cuddly, followed me around, and just wanted to be near me. He definitely missed me. He kept looking at me as if he hadn’t seen me in days! It reminded me that I missed my little boy while I was gone. Although it was nice to be away too.


WARNING: If you have a WEAK stomach or are eating, DO NOT look at these pics!


I have never seen something so gruesome before. Check out what I found when I opened the front door this afternoon.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Easter Event: Can we go?

I would love for us to take our son to see the Easter Bunny! He doesn’t know what the Easter Bunny is but I think it would be a nice family thing to do. I did a search for Easter events in our city and I found an Easter Egg hunt for kids 1 to 9 years old. They are broken down into age groups so the 9 year olds aren’t stepping over the little ones. The little ones will have a chance to “look” for eggs.

They will have food, goodies, and giveaways after the Egg Hunt so it sounds like fun. Also, the whole event is free.

Peaceful Monday

It was so beautiful outside today. Bright sun, a little wind, but lovely overall.

We took Kyle outside several times throughout the day. This gives him a chance to run around and have fun. I need the extra exercise, so I also took Kyle for a walk around the neighborhood.

While Shannon and Kyle were outside, I grabbed the camera and started taking a few pictures when Shannon offered to take pictures of us. I can never have enough pictures of my son and myself. It is very rare to get Kyle to look at the camera, but here is one that I like.

And here are a few more pictures of my son and I.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Imitation Kyle (Part Two: As 2 year old)

We had a nice Sunday! The weather was nice enough to go outside. So I took Kyle outside just to get some fresh air. It was blue skies, sunny but a little cold.

The kids next door were playing basketball and Kyle loves watching them play so he stood at the fence just watching them. He watched them for about 10 minutes or so. After dinner, he was playing around the living room and kitchen when he started moving around like he was playing basketball. He was basically imitating the boys playing basketball, without a ball! Unfortunately I did not see this, but Shannon told me about it and showed me what Kyle did.

Shannon bought beef jerky that came in cardboard canisters. Kyle took them all out and held them in both of his hands and then put them back in one at a time. Kyle loves getting his hands on things that aren’t his.

Here is a picture of my son brushing his teeth. He loves brushing his teeth (he usually just plays with the toothbrush) and also watching me brush. I had to take a picture of him doing this, it was just the cutest thing.

Gift for Kyle

"Mom." - Kyle, my son

I finally got around to ordering the Aquadoodle for Kyle from my Mom. I picked out an Elmo Aquadoodle mat. All of the reviews about the Aquadoodle are positive and the kids seem to love it. Plus there is no mess with playing with this thing. I’d love to get Kyle some crayons are markers but I think he’s still too young and I don’t want him marking up his face or find him eating crayons. LOL

Shannon has a job interview on Tuesday in the afternoon! It’s a little less than an hour away.

I was able to write a letter yesterday and plan on writing more today. It’s so funny trying to write letters with a 2 year old. I have to distract him and put a Pooh movie on or any other movie he likes. Once in awhile he’ll climb on my lap or want to see what I am doing.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

The little extras

"Flatter me, and I may not believe you. Criticize me, and I may not like you. Ignore me, and I may not forgive you. Encourage me, and I may not forget you." - William Arthur

We went to Walmart for groceries today. I also bought a folder and a little file folder thing that could hold coupons or index cards. But I use it to keep our paid bills in, it helps me stay organized. Shannon bought the biggest case of beer! BLEH! LOL I bought some chocolate and a 4 pack of Starbucks iced frappacino (spelling?) coffee. Kyle was very good in the car and in the store. He loves going for rides in the car. He’s always so quiet in the store, which I am thankful for. He just loves looking at everything, everyone and every item we put in the cart.

When we got home, I received some goodies in the mail. I got 3 letters from my pen pals! Which reminds me, I have a few letters to write. I also got my last order of soy candles! They all smell so delicious! Very highly scented. They are the new spring/summer scents and since they all sounded yummy and I couldn‘t choose, I opted for scents I wouldn’t normally choose. I can’t wait to burn them!

This morning and afternoon it was overcast, windy and raining like crazy. However, this earlier evening, it’s now blue skies with the sun shining, but still a little windy.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Adventures in Job Searching

"If we do not find anything very pleasant, at least we shall find something new." - Voltaire

Yesterday I spent several hours job searching and applying for jobs for my husband. I ended up applying for 4 jobs! On one of the sites, I tried applying for the job without having to create an account, and I was almost to the end of the application when I accidentally hit the wrong key and it brought me to another page. Of course I tried the BACK SPACE key and it brought me back to the original page with all information erased, which meant I had to start all over. So I do it again and about half way though I do it again! AHHHH! The third and last time, I try to create an account and then it says for manager positions, you can upload your resume! All that damn work and all I had to do was upload the damn resume! LOL

The other 3 jobs, I also had to create an account just to apply for the jobs. Very tedious.

Shannon got a call back from one of the jobs today! He called them back and left a message, but still no call from their end.

Today was Kyle’s playgroup but we ended up not going. I took advantage of that time and spent time on my GPT and PTC sites earning money!

Today it was overcast and raining! Kyle didn’t go outside to play because it’s all muddy and pretty chilly outside. We plan on going to Walmart for groceries tomorrow. We’re almost out of food.

Money Hungry Whores!

Our FORMER car insurance company sent us a “Final Notice Due Bill” because we never paid our last bill. However, we switched insurance companies in December, and now they are trying to squeeze even more money out of us. This company, that rhymes with LARMERS is a GREEDY company. I highly recommend you stay away from them, UNLESS you enjoy throwing your money away and overpaying for insurance.

Now I have to contact my current car insurance company and have them fax over proof of car insurance with them. Somehow I have to prove that I had car insurance to my former company. This is so lame. The last time I changed over, I never had to do this.

I already emailed my FORMER car insurance lady for her fax number and requested written proof that I do not owe anything after this. Once I receive her fax number, I can email my NEW car insurance company with this info.

Again, the company that rhymes with LARMERS is a MONEY HUNGRY WHORE of a company!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Desperately Seeking

"If the facts don't fit the theory, change the facts." - Albert Einstein

It has officially been 6 months of unemployment for my husband. Still no luck with the job search. Since we are desperately seeking employment I decided to give GPT Sites another try and really try to earn. Unfortunately not a lot of my offers are approving, but I hope that will change. I am still very much into my PTC Sites as well. I am a member of some really good sites and most of them have paid me. I am awaiting payment from 2 of my sites. I will post proof of payment as soon as I receive them.

I joined another GPT Site today and I am trying to earn there. I have heard some good things about this site so hopefully it will rub off on me.

I received my candles that I ordered from
Country Charm Scents! They all smell so good. I am expecting another order of candles from my other company Apple Blossom Candles. Both of these candle companies are owned by honest women and they offer fantastic products. So, if you are in need of soy candles or bath & body products, please check them out.