His First Visit To His New School

Kyle starts school in just a few days!  He will be starting 6th grade at a brand new school, in a new school district.  

Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone! Have a safe celebration tonight! Don't drink and drive!

Have a prosperous 2008!

Tomorrow is my 5th Wedding Anniversary! :) Then my son turns the BIG 2 on January 3rd!

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Product Reviews

I posted some product reviews regarding Mineral Girlz products that I have tried! So if you are interested in trying mineral makeup but unsure if it's for you, please read my reviews. Or if you are curious, definitely visit my other blog.

Please check them out HERE.


I posted a list of freebies located on my business blog. Click HERE to visit. Comments are welcome!

My Knee or His Face

Yesterday I was asking my son if he wanted to take a bath. Usually when I talk to him, I kneel down to get to his eye level. Anyway, as I was kneeling, he also likes to climb on me as if I am Mommy Jungle Gym 2.0. LOL So when he did that, I lost my balance and it was either my knee or his face to fall on the floor. I, of course, choose my knee to take my weight and his weight to the floor. Today I now feel a bruise on my knee, there’s not much of a marking but it’s definitely hurting.

Friday, December 28, 2007

His Own Bed

My MIL bought a toddler bed for our DS shortly after we moved in. Anyway, since we've had it, Kyle slept in it only a few times. Last night he slept in his own bed from about 8pm til 2am this morning. Every time he has slept in his bed, he usually wakes up around 2am and runs to our bed. So it was nice to have the bed to ourselves last night.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

A dating ad?

Omigod! I just received dating ad sent to me through wishuponahero! I am not even looking! What makes this guy think I am looking? I wish there was a way for me to report this dude to the website admin to have him removed for spamming or something.

By the way “vinny” ~ I am taken, married, and have a child.

Here’s the ad (this a copy and paste, not changes to his grammar):

HERE TO HELP OTHERS AND FOUR MYSELF! AND IF THERE ANY GIRLES THAT WANT GO ON DATE WITH ME PLEASE LEAVE ME MESSAGE WITH YOUR NUMBER AND I CAN CALL YOU BYWAY LIVE IN NC!AND IF ANY ONE AROUND WORLD SEE THIS AND YOU KNOW SOMEONE THAT THINKS IS LOOKING FOUR SAME THING I WANT PLEASE TELL THEM SEND ME MESSAGE THANKS! About me: I am an "Average/relaxed Joe" type of personality , easy going with a gentle, gracious smile ! I work hard to better in my aspirations , enjoy time spent with family/friends. appear to be shy in new enviroments but reality is I'm feeling out the situation & taking it all in ! I am not a 'high maintenance' type of guy but do take great pride in maintaining a positive attitude & appearance , good personal hygiene as well as staying active / physically fit. I played soccer/ran cross country for my varsity team in school , still have a passion for throwing on my running sneaks & hitting the open road!!And have my own car its 1998 nissn 200sx! Who I'd like to meet:I am seeking a young woman who shares same attributes , enjoys some of what could be referred to as simple, quieter things in life, movies, walks, bowling & late night chats @ the local diner ! my match in the community would be a kind , considerate & caring person who can be patient in her approach when begining a new friendship/relationship. Not a macho, arrogant type of guy, would not find those qualities in a woman appealing either, (been there done that!

“I am seeking a young woman who shares same attributes , enjoys some of what could be referred to as simple, quieter things in life, movies, walks, bowling & late night chats @ the local diner !”

Translation: I am a cheapskate. I live with my friends in their basement.

Let there be food!

We went grocery shopping today! I am so excited we have more food.

We were down to one diaper left so we really had to go shopping today. We bought Kyle more vanilla wafers which he LOVES! When I put them in the cart, he reached over and grabbed both boxes and held on to them while we were shopping. He even knows the box and where it is. Whenever we open the pantry door, he reaches in to get it. I also bought more cans of fruit for Kyle, since he loves fruit. I want him eating more veggies so we bought some frozen mixed veggies.

At checkout, apparently they had the following lanes open:

2 lanes open for 20 items or less
2 lanes with cashiers to check people out
50 lanes with self-checkout (okay not really that many, but it seemed like it)

They also had a neat idea. Instead of clogging up customer service (where you return merchandise), they had 4 lanes open just for returns! I thought that was a great idea.

We ended up using the self-checked out which we don’t really like. I felt like we were under a microscope. There were security cameras on us, the people behind us and next to us were all watching us (or it felt like it). Plus you have to scan the item then put them in the bag. You can’t grab the bags too soon either, because they are being weighed.

So, that was our super exciting, fun filled day! LOL

This concludes today’s episode.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

No More!

Before I go any further, I DO NOT mean to offend anyone... This is how it was for me.

When I was pregnant with our son, I watched all the baby shows and thought that my husband would be like that. I was so excited and couldn’t wait to see how eager my husband would be to help out. He’d WANT to help feed the baby, he’d offer to change the diapers. He would be there 100% for his family. Unfortunately for me, that was all a dream.

I just don't understand how other moms actually WANT more kids. When our son was born and until he was about 11 to 12 months old, I did NOT have any help from my husband. (yes this is HIS biological child too). I literally had to get up and feed our son (I wasn't breastfeeding so it wasn't like he couldn't) every night until our son could sleep through the night. My husband said he shouldn't have to get up because HE was the one working. I changed about 99% of the diapers. I also fed him about 99% of the time.

I remember, right after our son was born, I never had a chance to take a shower for about 3 weeks. My husband never asked if I needed anything or wanted to take a nap... He never EVER thought about giving ME a "weekend" or even some me time. He never thought of anyone but himself.

On HIS weekends (he always called him HIS weekends), so that meant HE could do whatever he wanted. He would sleep in until about 2pm or 3pm--no kidding! During that time, I had to take care of OUR baby. When I finally got our son down for a nap, my husband would be up making all this noise and I'd have to tell him to shut the HECK up! He never understood--he probably thought I was being grumpy.

So, that is why I do not want more kids. I don't want to go through that again. My husband really made me feel a new way about him -- dislike and resentment. He was so lazy it made me so mad. I was so unhappy. I also realized how much I did around the house as well as taking care of the baby.

Nowadays, he does watch our son more and helps out, I do have to give him credit for that. But he is always so mean and grumpy to me that it hurts my feelings. Sometimes I just feel like crying. I don't think he thinks about anyone but himself it seems. He never asks me how I am doing, or how I feel. He never asks for my opinion on anything.

On the other hand, does give me time to take naps here and there. He’ll give our son a bath if I ask. He also helps with lugging the laundry up and down the stairs for me. He also carries the heavy bags and reaches for things up high for me. So I DO LOVE my husband.

Honestly, I just can't understand how other moms actually want more kids?? Maybe they HAVE help from their husbands? Or they live near family? Perhaps, I am more inclined to think this way because it is the only way I know a husband to be. It was a lot of work for me to do everything myself and not able to take a minute to myself. It was so stressful and draining. I don’t think I would have mind doing all that work in the beginning, although it would have been nice if my husband gave me a chance to rest every once in awhile. Let me take a walk by myself. Let me read a few chapters of a book. ANYTHING!

To the moms who do have more than one child, I don’t know how you do it. Whether you have one or more children, you are very lucky if you have your husband or boyfriend who helps you!

By the way, if you are wondering... No I am not pregnant. Nor do we plan on having a second child.

I don’t get it

It’s the day after Christmas and I am seeing all of these news articles and news headlines about returning gifts. I don’t understand why people rush out to the stores or stand in line for HOURS to buy their loved ones gifts only to have the receiver turn around and return the gifts. Why do people bother? There are millions of Americans in credit card debt, most likely from buying Christmas gifts for family and friends, yet everyone is turning around to return gifts?

Why even bother buying gifts then? I supposed I am just being biased since we weren’t able to buy each other gifts, let alone our own son. The gifts we DID get, we are actually using them. We are going to keep them because we need them. What did we acquire? We received clothes that will keep us warm! We received things we really needed.

To each his/her own, I guess.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Our Christmas!

We just finished up opening presents and having our abundant and delightful Christmas dinner! We are stuffed! I took pictures of our presents. I am really happy with all of the gifts that we received from my in-laws! Everything we received is what we really needed!

Kyle also received gifts from my parents a few weeks ago. He got a tricycle, a Pooh movie (he LOVES the Winnie the Pooh characters), and an Elmo doll.

We gave Kyle his presents one at a time for him to rip open but he really didn't understand what was all happening. Which is ironic because he LOVES ripping paper and crumbling up things. First he received 2 pajama sets. Then he got a new toy! A xylophone. He loves music, sound, and songs.

Shannon received a pair of jeans and a pair of khaki pants, both of which he really needed. I picked them out for him too! Now he has 3 pairs of pants that fit and are not full of rips, tears, or stains. His other pairs of pants are at least 4 years old. He has another pair of jeans that I bought for him from Old Navy earlier this year. He also got a new pack of socks! He said he really wanted new socks.

I got a new pullover sweatshirt! It’s navy blue and made of organic cotton. It looks very comfortable. My MIL also treated me to getting my hair done at the salon last week!

My parents bought me a new pair of shoes. I picked out a pair of Skechers since I already know they fit and very comfortable. I had to take a picture of them while they were still new looking. They also came with a second set of shoelaces. I also picked out some small gift sets from The Body Shop and face moisturizer.

**Please note: I tried for the last half hour to add pictures along with this entry but it just wasn't working. The pictures would end up in the wrong place!**

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to my readers, friends, and family! I wish all of you a safe, warm, and happy holiday!

Monday, December 24, 2007

Dear Abby letter to share

The following letter appeared in Dear Abby 11/23/07. I am posting it here in my blog because it made me want to cry! Very sweet letter that I had to share.


* * *


DEAR ABBY: I am a retired pediatric dentist who frequently treated children other dentists couldn't manage or preferred not to.

One rule in my office was that no child would ever leave without being complimented, regardless of how he or she had behaved during the appointment -- even if it meant saying, "You're the best spitter we've had all day!" Of course, we were absolutely sincere in our compliments.
One day a woman called to make an emergency appointment for her 5-year-old grandson, Pete. I learned that the little boy's 17-year-old mother had run away when he was an infant. His father (the grandparents' son) was in prison serving a 30-year-to-life sentence. That left this elderly couple to raise the child. My staff told her to bring him in immediately.

When they arrived, Pete was understandably nervous and fussy when my assistant brought him back into the operatory, but he soon quieted down. I gave him a hug and began treatment to relieve his infection and pain. When I finished, I complimented him and asked that his grandmother come in so I could explain what I had done. As we chatted, Pete was happily picking out a little toy from the drawer. We scheduled a follow-up appointment for one week later.

The following week, 20 minutes before his appointment, the door burst open and little Pete came running in looking for an operatory chair to sit in. I escorted him back to reception and told him we'd call him in a few minutes.

The second appointment went equally well. He was smiling and happy. I spoke with his grandmother again as he once more chose a little gift.

Then she said: "I still can't believe it. Every morning this week Pete jumped out of bed and asked if this was the day he'd come back to see you! I'd have to tell him 'No, not for another five days, then four days, three, etc.' This morning he was so excited when I told him this was the day he was coming in." Then she continued, "Do you know why he was so eager to come back?"
"No," I replied, "please tell me."

"Because," she answered, "you told him he was a good boy."

Abby, here was a 5-year-old child who had never been told he was a good boy! I still tear up when I think about it. -- (DR.) R.C. SMITHWICK, LOS ALTOS HILLS, CALIF.

DEAR DR. SMITHWICK: Thank you for sharing the reminder about how important it is for children to receive positive reinforcement. (Adults need it, too.) If you think something nice about someone, it takes so little effort to open your mouth and SAY it. I guarantee it'll make that person's day -- whether the person is 5 or 55.

Another try.

I signed up for upromise early last year but never understood how the program worked. Today I logged back in and read through the site a little more to see how it all worked and how we can earn money for our son's college. It basically works like mypoints, which I have been a member since 2003. I have earned so many gift cards through mypoints that we've had a few dinners and bought some new clothes -- all thanks to mypoints. So instead of shopping through mypoints website to earn points towards gift cards, I am going to shop through upromise.

Upromise also has a section to add your grocery store cards and credit cards, so you can earn points that way when you shop. They have so many stores to choose from. I saw all the stores that I love so I can't wait til I can shop online again.

Good News on Christmas Eve?

My husband said he received a call from an owner of a hotel property about 3 hours away from us. He said he saw my husband's resume online. I don't remember seeing any job postings for this particular company so I don't think he applied for this. But the owner said he has a lot of management positions available and asked him what he is interested in. The owner said he would forward his resume on to the General Manager of the hotel as well.

So, hopefully he'll receive a call back real soon!

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Welome to my New Blog!

I decided to start a personal blog through this site. I really like all the features and it seems a little easier to find things.

All of my entries will be posted here. Comments are welcome from members and non-members and everyone can view my blog.

I already have a home business blog that can be seen by members and non-members! Comments are also welocome!

Thank you for stopping by and check back often!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007


I feel so accomplished this week! Yesterday we opened up a checking and savings account with a bank out here. We were going to go with Bank of America but decided against it because we heard that they can be a little strict as far as credit checks for an account. So we choose another bank that seem to have a lot of locations around here. Unfortunately there are no US Banks here which is our old bank. I plan on closing our old bank account after the new year.

I had Shannon set up our online login info with our new bank, so I will be able to pay bills with online bill pay. I also had to add this new bank account to my paypal account.

Today, I purchased car insurance with a new company as well. I did NOT want to stay with our old insurance since our payments keep going up every 6 months for no reason. So our new insurance will take effect later this month.

We are planning on going to DMV after the new year. Hopefully by then, we will have all the documents we need including proof of residency (from a bank statement).

I am glad that we are all caught up and should be ready to go to DMV after the new year. Of course, I was stressing about all the necessary documents we will need to bring.

Imitation Kyle

Kyle loves to close doors and close the baby gate before we go downstairs. He also likes carrying around Shannon’s keys. I have also noticed that he likes to pretend to type on my laptop.

This morning, I saw him move to my side of the bed, pull the covers over his lap and start “typing” on the laptop! It was the cutest thing.

Today, he started closing doors and then trying to “lock” the doors with my husband’s keys. Just today, my husband realized that Kyle likes to make sure the baby gate is closed before going down the stairs. However, Kyle has been doing that for a couple of weeks.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Another Shipment

We got another shipment of Christmas presents from my mom. We got the Pooh movie that I picked out for Kyle. He just LOVES Pooh. I have pictures of Kyle watching the original Pooh movie when he was 8 months old. I believe he’s been watching Pooh since he was about 6 months old. We had it saved on our DVR for the longest time and finally bought the movie for him. Anyway, this new movie is Pooh’s Huffalump Movie.

We also got a surprise. My mom ordered the new TMX Elmo for Kyle.

TRIED to avoid the crowds

My intention was for us to leave early to go to Walmart to avoid the crowds. We were all up by 7:30am. We left around 10am or so. Apparently everyone else had the same idea! LOL

We bought all the groceries we need to hopefully last 2 weeks. I also bought more writing paper (in different pastel colors) as well as envelopes.

We talked about going to DMV next week to register our car, and get new drivers’ licenses. We also need to open a bank account here, I am thinking Bank of America since it seems to be everywhere. Once that is all done, we are going to apply for Medicaid, WIC and any other program we can.

I also hope to take the medical transcription program that I’ve been looking at for months! I have so much time on my hands that I get bored.

Friday, December 14, 2007

The Accent

We don't get to go out very much but when we do, I still get a kick out of the southern accent that I hear around here. In Kyle's playgroup, both moms and the coordinator have it. The way it sounds, is just so new to me. I wonder what they hear when I talk. Do I have an accent to them? Do I sound weird to them like they do with me?

One of the kids in Kyle's playgroup is named David. For me, I would say it as "day-vid" but with his mom's southern accent, she pronounces it "dye-vid." LOL I told my husband about it and we both started trying to say it that way and tried to say a few more words with the southern accent. LOL We are NOT by any means laughing AT the southern accent. We find it fascinating and just want to try to mimic the sound.

Then at the salon, all of the ladies had the accent. I felt like I was around a bunch of hillbillies, not that they were. I say this because that is the only time I would have heard any kind of accent, was on tv.

The people here are VERY laid back, relaxed, and are in no hurry. I think it takes a little longer to get things done around here too. We'll have to go to DMV next week and I have a feeling it will take just as long as in California! LOL California just has long lines, but here, the people work much slower. But the people here are VERY nice. I have not run into anyone who was rude. I get the impression everyone knows each other! Everyone works with someone's brother, sister, mom, dad, aunt, or uncle and they all know each other. There seems to be a church on every street too.

I finally found a radio station that I like. The first one I found on the drive here. I didn't like it because they would speed up the tempo of some songs and it ruined the whole song for me. So I did a search for radio stations in NC and found an extensive list of them. This radio station I happen to like also plays "gospel rap" on Sunday Mornings. LOL I have NEVER heard of that genre!

Long Day

We took Kyle to the playgroup today. He had a lot of fun playing with all the toys, exploring and running around.

I also had my hair done! I really wanted to do this too. This was a gift from my MIL for Christmas. I had my highlights re-done and my hair cut. I really love it and so does my husband.

The lady that did my hair also told me about the health department and all of its services. So I really want to try to apply for all of the aid we can qualify for. But first, we have to register and get new licenses for this state. She also told me about the health insurance (through the health department) and they use Blue Cross Blue Shield, which is where I wanted to purchase our health insurance through.

When we got home, there was a package on the porch. It was my Christmas presents from my mom (the first shipment). I ordered some goodies from The Body Shop! I ordered a foot care set, strawberry scented set (body wash, body butter, and puff), and face moisturizer.

I have been advertising my Mineral Girlz home business (to build my team) like crazy and I am seeing some really good results. The free sign up ends December 31st! I had 4 people join my team in the last 2 days. I am also advertising their current sales. Mineral Girlz has monthly sales and other specials going on.

I have also been advertising my GPT Site as well my other home businesses

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

So Excited for Friday!

I am so excited for Friday to be here already! First, Kyle will be going to his second visit to the local playgroup! We go once a week for an hour and he gets to play in a big room full of toys. Plus he gets to see other kids. He seemed to have fun the last time, so I am more excited for him this time. The good thing is, is that they clean all the toys every day!

Then right after his playgroup, I am scheduled to get my hair done! I haven’t had my hair done since May!!! I can’t wait. I really need a haircut, I am not sure what I want, but I do want something new. I am not too sure if I want to get highlights again either.

Kyle received his first Christmas present yesterday from his grandma. My mom bought him a tricycle. My husband put it together today and it took about an hour and a half. Kyle wasn’t interested in playing on it, so we’ll have to give him time to get used to it or wait until he’s a little older to understand what it is. My mom also bought him a Pooh movie and it should be here later this week.

I took Kyle for a little walk this evening and he loved that. He also spent a full hour outside just playing in the backyard. He LOVES being outside or taking a bath! LOL Kyle was so tired from today’s activities that he ended up going right to bed shortly after his bath.

Monday, December 10, 2007

80 Degrees in December!

Today is a beautiful day! It’s 80 degrees out but it’s HOT! LOL UGH. I can’t stay outside too long. My DH and I can definitely feel the humidity out here.

Friday, December 7, 2007

First Playgroup!

We took Kyle to his first playgroup! He seemed to have fun. He got to play with all the toys he wanted. He spent the hour picking up different toys and walking around with them and then finding new toys to play with. He just got to explore in a childproof room. There were 2 other boys there but he seemed to be fine on his own.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Health Insurance

After our visit to the Urgent Care yesterday I also remembered that our current health insurance will expire sometime next month. So last night I looked online for possible health plans that would fit my family's needs. I really like our current company, so I found that they cover this area. I also found a few plans that were affordable. I do want to sign up since my allergies and asthma are out of whack out here.

My husband just got back from the pharmacy and one of my prescriptions cost almost $98! The other cost $15! For us, that is a little insane. So I definitely want to sign up for a different health insurance plan.

Differences I have noticed / My booty shot

I am writing this because this is how I see it. I was born and raised and spent 22 years in California, before I got married and moved to Nevada. I am a used to the WEST COAST culture. I don't mean to offend anyone, instead, I hope you find some humor in it. =)

Our trip to the Urgent Care started off which pulling into the parking lot with which we THOUGHT it would be located. There was a BIG red sign that said URGENT CARE, so we figure it would be there… So I went into one of the buildings and asked if they were (the Urgent Care) and she said no, it was actually past the memorial hospital, then take a left and it will be next to BB&T (which apparently is a bank). When she said it to me, I thought she said the BBNT. I am still confused as to why the Urgent Care sign was so far away from the actual Urgent Care Facility! LOL Luckily we found it, and I go in, stand in line and WAIT for about 15 minutes before I am helped. The gal at the front counter said she'd be right with me… After finally being helped, filled out the paperwork and waiting in the waiting room, I realize that people out here are in no such hurry to help you. NOT because they are being stuck up or doing this on purpose, but merely because that's how they are. Now, I wasn't trying to be in a hurry, but I honestly expected to be helped by one of the 4 ladies who were around the front desk, not really doing anything. LOL I finally get in, about 20 minutes later. I wait another 25 minutes before the doctor comes in. Luckily she understands my situation (living with a cat), I guess her nephew is allergic to cats and/or dogs. She said he has to take 3 or 4 medications when he stays over at her house. Another 20 minutes go by before I get my shot (in the BOOTY -- which I have never had before) and my prescription. LOL I will be getting my prescriptions filled tomorrow at Walmart. I prefer to go to Walmart because they have the $4 prescription program so I hope mine qualify. I spent almost 2 hours in that dang place! LOL Insane how slow they are. It was like going to the DMV in California where you have to wait and wait.

The first difference we learned about living on the East Coast is that here in North Carolina, you have to dial the area code -- all the time. Even if you are calling down the street, you have to dial the area code. Even though we have yet to memorize our cell phone number, we also have to remember to dial the area code.

Another difference I really notice every time we go out is the accents. It still surprises me to hear it. Accents are something I rarely heard in California and Nevada, so I am still getting used to them. I like listening to people's accents though, it's just really different to hear.

The majority of people here are very nice and helpful. Everyone that we have come in contact with were VERY NICE! We encountered that in Northern Nevada too. Everyone is also very slow paced too. It was also like that in Nevada, but this is much slower. I also get the impression that people take a lot of time off from work! LOL They must have such low house payments/low rent, that they can afford to do that all the time.

The time difference wasn't that hard to adjust to. On our way here, we slowly kept moving our clocks forward every time we entered a new time zone, so our bodies adjusted accordingly. But when I do look at the time, I also think that its 3 hours behind on the West Coast.

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