His First Visit To His New School

Kyle starts school in just a few days!  He will be starting 6th grade at a brand new school, in a new school district.  

Sunday, June 29, 2008

New Microwave

This is Shannon’s first full weekend with two days off in a row. He really needed this time off because his boss will be gone for another week. He’s getting a little overtime throughout the week, which will be good on the paycheck.

Shannon went to Walmart today to buy a new microwave. Ours broke a few days ago. I don’t know how old it was since we got it from my in-laws. He decided to buy the microwave today since we weren’t sure if it would fit in the car since we were planning on buying our normal amount of groceries. I am so glad we have a microwave again. It made me realize how much we use it. He also bought some frozen pizzas that we had for dinner today.

Since we bought a potty, Shannon picked up some pull-ups. We’re still waiting for the potty to be delivered to the store so we can pick it up.

I finally saw the movie Brokeback Mountain today. I recorded it last night. It was a VERY long 3 hour movie. It reminded me of the movie Castaway (which I also hated) because there wasn’t much dialogue or much going on in the movie. Shannon didn’t want to watch it because of the “gay cowboy” scenes. LOL Plus it had a few flashbacks which confused me at first, I guess I am used to the show Lost when they play music when there’s a flashback. It also seemed like the movie skipped dialogues or scenes, but that could be because I saw the cable tv version.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Missing the Greens (it’s not what you think)

Since I had to leave my plants behind when we moved to the East Coast, I was really missing having so many plants to take care of. I only have two types of plants and I wanted more! I bought solid green spider plants from a lady on eBay. I found the lady I originally purchased from in 2005, and she was still selling plants. This time, I bought 20 rooted babies! I only paid a penny (plus shipping). I just got them today! I have them sitting in water for now. Once they get a little bigger, I plan on potting them up.

We bought a potty for Kyle! We chose our second choice of potty, instead of the first choice. Mainly because it’s only one piece and I didn’t want to deal with all the attachments and contraptions that come with it. Hopefully Kyle will like it! All of the parent reviews were positive for this product too. We’re still waiting for it to be delivered to the store so we can pick it up. Kyle is already showing interest too. He’s taken notice to (our) potty and wants to see how it all works and how we use it.

Kyle still isn’t sleeping as long as he used to, he usually gets up in the early morning. He doesn’t take naps anymore either and hasn’t for several months. Plus he’s having more tantrums that are more frequent. It’s a little difficult because he doesn’t talk and can’t tell us what he wants or needs.

I am still taking him on a walk everyday. We have to go mid-morning time because after 12pm, it’s even hotter and the humidity is horrendous. Thunderstorms are a weekly occurrence, which is funny because our area is on water restrictions!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Time for a Potty

Shannon still has split days off and has for a few weeks now. The rumors and talk of layoffs still loom over the property! It sounds like they are going to let employees go through attrition. There are employees taking a leave or going on vacation and they don’t plan on re-hiring them when they return. They are also cutting back hours as much as possible, which makes some employees wonder if they need to find another job. Thankfully Shannon’s hours are affected, especially as an hourly manager.

We finally bought a potty for Kyle! I decided to get a different one from the original one I wanted. This potty that we bought is simple and just one piece. Hopefully this potty training journey won’t be too hectic. Ha ha!

Kyle has been fighting bed time for the last few days. He doesn’t go to sleep until 10pm or later! This gives me less time at night to do anything for myself, such as RELAX!

I won an auction on eBay for 20 solid green spider plants. I bought spider plants from this person in 2005 and they arrived healthy. Unfortunately I left my plants behind when we moved to the East Coast. The only plant that survived the trip was my jade plant. Since we have settled in to our new place, I have been wanting new plants! So I bought 20 spider plant babies for only a penny (plus shipping). I didn’t expect to win the auction so I am not even prepared, I don’t have containers or potting soil!

I applied for a secret shopping position with a company that does business with my husband’s workplace. The representative suggested to my husband, that I apply for this position since they are always looking for secret shoppers. So I sent in my resume yesterday.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Trip to the Store, Baby Proofing, and Toilet Cleaning

Today was Shannon’s Sunday. He had split days off, so today was his second day off this week.

We went to the store for food, which we badly needed. Our fridge was pretty much empty and I went to bed on an empty stomach last night. Our grocery bill was high but I was expecting it. I bought some toilet bowl cleaner and a toilet brush. I was going to buy an automatic toilet bowl cleaner contraption but we needed two of them and it would have been about the same amount as buying a box of (92) diapers! We are both trying to be frugal. “Hard times, U.S.A.” So instead, I bought a green friendly toilet bowl cleaner, it doesn’t have any harmful chemicals and it is safe for the environment. I feel safe using it around Kyle, not that I’d let him consume it, I am just not worried about him having to inhale the fumes (which there wasn’t).

We also bought child proof door knob covers since Kyle loves opening and closing the doors and can get into both bathrooms. He likes to play with the stuff underneath the sink. I don’t worry about him consuming anything under there, he usually just makes a mess by taking everything out and then he’ll put them back in once I catch him. We also had to put up the baby gate in the kitchen to keep him from going in there. He liked getting into everything he could and pull stuff out.

For Kyle, we bought him a Spiderman dinner and utensils set. It’s really cute. It came with a plate, a bowl, and fork and spoon.

Kyle was really good and so quiet in the store too. He has gotten fussy and antsy with other visits, but this time he was well behaved like he use to. We got home around his dinner time so that’s when he got a little fussy because he was hungry!

After we got home, I cleaned the toilets. I was going to have Shannon do it but I really wanted to try the new toilet bowl cleaner. I really like cleaning with green friendly products and I actually look forward to cleaning. I was really surprised that it worked really well. So now our toilets are clean!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Cut Backs and Layoffs

There are major cut backs and layoffs planned at my husband’s job. It’s really sad and stressful at the same time. For the last few days, they asked that they send people home and cut as many hours as they can. Basically, they have been working with bare minimum of people. Yesterday, the managers were told there were going to be layoffs of the frontline employees. Of course, word is trickling down to the employees about the future plans.

Passed a Milestone ~ His Discovery!

“Learning is the discovery that something is possible" - Fritz Perls

When Kyle learned to close doors, he would take any chance he could to close them. Every time I would open a door to a closet or anywhere else, he would literally run to where I was and wait until I was done with what I was doing and close the door for me. Whenever he sees a door open, he’ll run over to close it.

He loves to help me whenever he can too. He loves unfolding his clothes that were folded up nicely in his dresser drawers. He would also help me with laundry, he would go into our drawers and pull out our clothes and put them in the laundry basket for us. What a doll! :0)

This morning, Kyle figured out how to OPEN doors. He was opening and closing doors all morning and all day today. Since he just learned how to open doors, he seems obsessed with his new ability. Shannon and I quickly realized that we’ll need to re-Kyle-proof the house again!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Boy, am I confused

I sent a message to my bank asking about a charge from our Check Card. I was confused as to whether we are being charged for HAVING the Check Card or for USING the Check Card.

Here is the response I received:

I have received your email regarding INTL fee. INTL fee is not charged
having a Check Card rather is charged for international Check Card
purchases. Our records indicate a INTL fee in amount of $0.30 is
charged for check card purchase in amount of $6.41. This transaction
was made at 2:59 pm at Concord, NC.

So I wrote them back with the following:

Forgive me, but what is considered "international"? This purchase was made from down the street from where I live (North Carolina), which happens to be part of the United States. Please explain.

I am reading and re-reading your message and even reading it out loud and having a hard time understanding how we are being charged for an "international" fee when we haven't even traveled outside of the country.

Thank you and I apologize for my confusion in the subject of Geography.

Feels like a Vacation

Shannon had Wednesday and Thursday off of this week, then had to work on Friday and now he has Saturday and Sunday off. It feels like a little extra time off.

We have decided to forgo the health insurance offered through his employer at this time. It would have been over $330 per month and that’s not even including dental or vision. Plus that was the lowest plan they offered (they had 3 to choose from). We do hope to sign up for health insurance at a later time.

I’ve been taking Kyle for an early afternoon walk everyday. We walk around the complex and pick up the mail on the way. He loves it. He’s always eager to get ready and get outside. I don’t like to stay outside too long because it’s hot and humid and just being outside for 20 minutes is enough for me. I prefer to go outside before noon since it’s not as hot during this time. Since we’ve been going on our walks, we have both gotten a little tan! Although, I do use sunscreen on the both of us before we go outside.

Shannon is doing really well at work. He’s in charge of the security contract at work and having to deal with them. The AGM (Assistant General Manager of Rooms) and the GM (General Manager) are recognizing his abilities and strengths and trust his judgment. I am really glad that he isn’t working at a place that isn’t so closed minded like a lot of the employers in Northern Nevada.