His First Visit To His New School

Kyle starts school in just a few days!  He will be starting 6th grade at a brand new school, in a new school district.  

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Job Interview with the County

I had my interview with the County today.  I applied for 3 different "office assistant" positions in mid-March so when she called me in for the interview, she didn't specify which position. 

The interview process was two hours.  The first hour was for testing.  The first test was a written test: alphabetize, put numbers in order, grammar.  There was also an exercise to prioritize your work day after returning from vacation.  They had a list of job duties and they wanted you to number them in the order you would accomplish them and explain why.  The second part of testing was a computer test on Excel.  Create a spreadsheet and then a typing test.  I didn't like the typing test because it was on Excel with numbers and typing and I had to use the TAB key and then go to the next line below.  It was difficult using the keyboard and the mouse.

During the interview, there were 4 people.  I later found out that one of the ladies is the immediate supervisor/manager and the person next to her was her manager.  She told me about the position and she pointed out my experience in PBX and my background with HIPAA.  When they asked me if I had any questions, I asked when will they hire for the position.  He said that the position has been open for awhile now and they hope to have a decision within a week! 

At the end, I kindly thanked them for their time!

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Kyle sick

Kyle is sick.  I could tell that he wasn't looking good yesterday but thankfully made it through the entire day!  It didn't really start to hit him until last night.  He didn't eat anything when he got home, which he normally wants to. 

Last night, he had a rough time.  He whined a little and I could tell he was in pain.  Maybe his body was aching.  He woke up a few times.  This morning, he is staying in bed and will be sleeping for most of the day.  I hope he is better by Monday! 

Monday, April 22, 2013

Job Interview with County

This afternoon, I received an unexpected call for a job interview.  She actually called last Friday but I decided not to call her back because the voicemail she left wasn't specific.  She just said she was calling for Social Services. 

Today, she called a minute before I had to leave to wait for Kyle at the bus stop, so I couldn't pick up the phone and risk getting stuck on a call for too long. 

I have a job interview next Tuesday for a County position.  Over a month ago (March 13th) I applied for 3 "office assistant" positions, so it could be for any of those three.  I did not expect to ever get called for an interview with the County because I have been applying for over a year with no luck. 

When I was applying for jobs last month, I was hoping my new certification as a medical administrative assistant would give me an edge with the County. 

I am excited but nervous about the interview.  She said to expect two hours.  The first hour is testing I think.  The second hour is interviews with at least 4 people. 

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Little by little

This week, we have been moving our things over to our new apartment while Kyle is at school.  We do a few boxes a day.  Today, we did two trips. 

We cannot wait to move our stuff completely! 

Shannon was worried about moving without having to hire someone.  We plan on renting a U-Haul but he and I are going to be moving our things.  He had us practice with the couch because it is heavy and he was most worried about moving that.  He said he and I can do it slowly just to get it from the apartment to the truck and then moved into our new apartment.  It is heavy, but I think we can manage it.  He said he's confident with moving our other things with the help from a furniture dolly. 

So, it looks like we won't have to hire anyone to help us move, which will help us save a few hundred dollars. 

Blog Convention

Today, I received an email stating that I was chosen to be a volunteer at a blog convention.  I am excited, however, I am now trying to find sponsorship.  This is the biggest and most popular blog convention out there.  I have heard of bloggers getting so many freebies that they had to ship them home. 

The convention is in Chicago, the week of my birthday.  I may have to get there early and have training on my birthday!  =) 

It is still undecided if I can/will go.  I definitely want to go. 

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Dreaming of furniture and an iPhone

Shannon was thinking about getting new furniture for our new place and have it set up before we officially move in.  He wanted to get a coffee table, two end tables and a new TV stand.  Our current TV stand is about 9 years old. 

After browsing online for possible places to go to, he found end tables priced at about $250 at JC Penney, which is way out of our budget.  So, he decided we should try Target and Walmart. We found some really cute pieces at Target and then went to Walmart to look around.  One our way home, Shannon realized that we are unable to afford new furniture, even if it's the kind you assemble yourself.  He decided that we should use the money towards a washer and dryer.  We're still not sure if we are going to buy or rent.  I have a feeling we should buy them.

I have been looking/wanting/dreaming of getting an iPhone!  They are pricey but I have it narrowed down to getting one through Straight Talk or Cricket.  I know I don't need a phone now but it would be nice to have.  I like the iPhone 5 because it comes with Siri and a few other perks.  I am trying to save up the money I earn from my blog to actually purchase the phone.  I am making a semi-steady income with my blog that I may be able to afford a cell phone each month. 

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

What did we just do?!

Shannon is working all this week, but he is working 4 or 5 hour shifts in the evening.  Since Kyle is back at school, we are taking the time during the day to get things done.  Today, we went over to our new apartment complex with the intention of signing the lease and double checking our rent amount.  Our rent was at $575.  However, my in-laws applied for the same apartment only a few weeks after we were approved and their rent is at $502!!!  How can that be? 

Shannon and I decided we were going to ask about the difference in price and hopefully get in at their rate!  The leasing consultant said that they were accepted in a different special.  I asked her if we could talk to a manager about that. 

About 5 minutes later, she comes back saying she will give us the apartment at $485 a month, BUT we would have to move in today!!!  Shannon and I were floored!  Mainly because we aren't out of our current place until the end of May.  We asked if we could let them know later today. 

After we stepped out of the office, we talked it over and decided it would be best to get the apartment at $485.  Although, we are paying double rent for April and May.  We signed a 2 year lease, just to lock in that low rate! 

Our rent is paid for through June at the new apartment.  We have the keys and the lease is signed.  We won't move in until mid-May or so.  But since we have the keys, we can take our time moving our stuff over. 

This will give us time to switch our mail over and not worry about losing any mail too. 

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

More hours this week

Shannon was called in for extra hours this week.  He is working tonight and tomorrow night.  Hopefully it will be like this for a few weeks because they had to let someone go.  We hope he will be the one to help cover most of those open shifts! 

I finished polishing up my book reviews!  They now have amazon affiliate links and they are SEO friendly!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Properous Month with my Blog

It is only the second day of April and it has been very prosperous for my blog!   The major portion of my earnings is from last month's work from one site.  I earned the other part from sponsored posts from two other sites.  I am transferring most of my earnings to our bank account.

Shannon hasn't been feeling well the last few days, so he was unable to work any extra hours.  My blog earnings are helping us through these times.  Hopefully he will get more hours soon.  He is feeling better today but no call to come in to work.

I spent the majority of today going through all of my book reviews to edit them to make the SEO (search engine optimization) friendly and also change/add my affiliate links.  I hope that all the time I am spending on editing my posts will help improve my page rank and traffic to my blog. 

Monday, April 1, 2013

The power of social media

I just want to acknowledge the power of social media!  When I was working in retail, they always told us that when a customer experiences bad customer service experience, they are going to tell 10 of their friends and those 10 friends are going to tell 10 of their friends and so on... 

Today, it is much more powerful when you have a compliment or a complaint to share about a company!  Today, we have the power of the internet.  We have Facebook and Twitter.  Not only can we share with hundreds of our friends, but their friends can see their comments too.  With Twitter anyone and everyone can see it and people can "share" it by Retweeting your tweet. 

I wanted to share what happened to me this afternoon.  Today is the first of the month, which means rent is due.  I took Kyle with me for a little walk to the management office to turn in our rent check.  There was a sign on the door that said they were out of the office helping future residents (or something similar) and they would return at 3pm.  However, I did not have a watch so I waited there for a few minutes, not sure what to do.  I had no idea what time it was.  As I started walking away, someone across the parking lot said that someone was in there and to just knock.  So I did.  When the manager came to the door, she peeked through the window and I held up my rent check.  At that time, she turned her head (as if to tell someone in the office) and said "Unbelieveable!"  She must think the door is sound-proof because I heard her loud and clear!!!!  I was so upset by this that I quickly handed her the check after she finally opened the door and walked back home with Kyle.  I was so ticked off that I wasn't sure if I should even tell Shannon about it because he never believes me or he'll take the other person's side. 

I ended up telling Shannon and he actually believed me.  That's a surprise.  But it was good to have his support.  He said that our neighbor was also pissed about something the manager said or did to her (he just doesn't remember what).  So, at least I am not the only one. 

I was really upset by this that I left a comment on the Facebook fan page (and quickly deleted it about a minute later).  I already know that when you leave a comment on a fan page, that it automatically sends an email to the page owner(s).  I "thanked them for being so rude and saying "Unbelieveable!" and let them know that the door is not sound proof.  After I deleted that comment on their fan page, I went to my own profile page and wrote something similar and tagged their page (which also sends them an email).  I deleted my comment from my profile page after about 10 minutes. 

Not a half hour later or so, the manager comes knocking on our door with some lame excuse.  I told Shannon her excuse and he doesn't buy it.  LOL  I don't either.  It was really lame. 

Anyway, that is the power of the internet.  I also wonder if her bosses check the fan page too, which is why she "followed up" with me and wanted to explain her actions to me.