His First Visit To His New School

Kyle starts school in just a few days!  He will be starting 6th grade at a brand new school, in a new school district.  

Monday, March 30, 2009

Vermont Possibility

Shannon received another call from the Vermont job!! To read about them, go here and here. They said they are going to have the Vice President "reach out" to him tomorrow. This sounds like they are going to offer him a job and discuss salary and a relocation package. It's exciting and we are thrilled, but we're really hoping to hear from the local job.

We've been racking our brains about the Vermont job since they haven't even discussed pay in the last two interviews he has had with them. We aren't even sure of the range in pay!

I started a new blog last night. I am really excited about it and needed something to keep me busy, now that I am not doing the work at home job. Feel free to visit and bookmark ~ http://freebielicious.com

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Day of Sunshine

Today was the first day in 4 days we had nice weather. The last 4 days were overcast, cold, windy, and raining here and there. It was pretty much too cold or wet to go outside. We took Kyle outside to play throughout the day, which he loved!

For the first time in about 3 1/2 to 4 weeks, Kyle had something else for dinner this afternoon. Normally for lunch and dinner, he would have a waffle and a Morning Star sausage patty. Today, Kyle had brown rice and corn! I was so surprised to see him eat it, but I am very glad at the same time! Hopefully we can get him to eat more meals like this! He hasn't had vegetables in a very long time. I honestly think he was getting tired of the same thing over and over, but it's really hard to get him to eat! He's so picky!

I feel like a huge weight has been lifted. I ended up quitting my work at home job today. I have many reasons for doing so and feel better now.

Other than that, we're hoping for some phone calls this coming week! Shannon is really wanting to go back to work! And I am really wanting to get our own place! We are really hoping to hear back from the local job, I even found an apartment complex that I really like here.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

I have decided

I have decided to quit my work at home job. I will let Shannnon know later today of my decision. He supports me in what I want to do.

I will be letting them know at the end of the month. I just don't have the time for this job and all of this mess with their recent changes and everything that I am reading in the forums is pretty bad. It's really opened my eyes! I haven't had the energy to work very much this week. Our internet is slow, which is really preventing me from working. The system is slow on my end, which I have no control over. It's not worth my time if my internet is slowing my pace down.

I am exploring other opportunities and still doing other things. I have applied at other companies and still searching. I am in no hurry to start with another company right away, but it doesn't hurt to keep looking.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Newest Plant

My newest plant arrived today! I am so excited to add this plant to my collection! I already removed the newspaper and plastic bag and transplanted it! It's all settled with my other plants. I already gave my plant a little shower to remove the dust and soil on the leaves.

Other than that, my plant looks healthy and should be happy in a few days. My other plants are doing well too! I mist them a few times a day to give them extra humidity.

I found another plant that I want, but I am trying to hold off and focus on my current collection.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The talking toys

Shannon brought out 2 of Kyle's toys, they are the toys that talk/make music, etc. He changed the batteries and now they work again. Kyle has been playing with them here and there! Hopefully they will get HIM talking!

Every so often, we'll put away his toys and bring out "new" ones that he hasn't played with in awhile. So it's make more fun and different for him.

Surprise Phone Call & Interview

This past weekend, I kept telling Shannon that this is "his week." Meaning people will start calling to interview him! We are both trying to stay positive and sometimes when one of us is down, the other will be there to pick the other up.

Last week, I decided to job hunt locally for myself. I just wanted to see "what was out there." Anyway, I found a job ad for a General Manager and Assistant General Manager for a local hotel that will be opening up soon. I showed Shannon the job ad and he even said "good find!" The next day he printed out his resume and faxed it in with a cover letter (that I wrote). Just tonight, Shannon received a phone call (after normal business hours) and he had a quick "interview" regarding the position. The "interview" lasted about 10 minutes and there were times when the guy was joking around. They are looking at hiring for the General Manager position!!!! The guy on the phone said that he's getting pressure from Corporate to fill the position FAST. Shannon told him that he is ready to work and can start right away! So, we're really hoping he gets this job.

Shannon also had his 2nd phone interview yesterday. The lady asked him 3 questions, apparently she needed additional information. She said it's down to 3 candidates, and we should hear back by next week. They haven't discussed pay yet, and that has us wondering.

Monday, March 23, 2009

2nd Phone Interview

Shannon has a second interview with the job in Vermont tomorrow afternoon!!! We are ecstatic but trying to not to get our hopes up too high.

It was a nice day today. The sun was out and Kyle was playing outside as much as he could. I ended up taking a nap today. I didn't realize how tired I was until I woke up about an hour and a half to two hours later!

I am still waiting on my plant that I won through ebay. Hopefully it will be here soon. I am delighted and can't wait to get it. It's a rare plant, so that's even more appealing. I have the millennium soil ready as well. I am out of small pouches to put my plant in, so I am improvising and using a ziploc bag! Not sure if it will work, but it will have to do.

I received my homeopathic medicine for asthma over the weekend and it seems to be helping. I am not using the inhaler as much and I am not waking up at 3 AM or 4 AM needing to use my inhaler 2 or 3 times. The medicine tastes really bad so I dilute it in water just to take it. I am still taking the homeopathic medicine for my allergies to the cat and it's really helping.

Shannon's been doing yard work for his parents this past week. He dug two holes for their garden as well as edge the yard (they live on an acre of land). My in-laws have already decided they are growing the ingredients to make salsa (as well as many other vegetables). They brought out several plastic storage containers to grow additional vegetables in.

My mother-in-law applied for food stamps last week. Her caseworker called her today requesting additional documents. I was surprised to hear that they called her, our [former] county never took the time to call us! It sounds like her caseworker is really trying to get them on food stamps right away!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Go Whoopi!

I have always loved Whoopi Goldberg! She's a great actress and a great role model. She's funny, witty, opinonated, mature, smart, and so much more!

I saw this clip on AOL yesterday and applaud her for speaking out!

I do have to add, I have never liked those type of shows that tell people what they SHOULD be wearing. If they want to BUY my entire wardrobe, then maybe I'll consider wearing what they tell me to, but I don't see them paying for my clothing. I wear what I want to wear! I don't care if "the look" is out of season or style. I wear what I have and what I like!

Just like Daddy

For the last few days, Shannon's been digging 2 big holes in the ground for his parents' garden. He actually finished the last of the digging yesterday!

Kyle is usually outside playing around the yard. Yesterday, we noticed he started imitating his daddy. Shannon would dig up the dirt, fill up the wheelbarrow and then bring it down by the creek (outside of the fenced yard) and dump it.

Yesterday, Kyle started using his tricycle as a "wheelbarrow" and go up and down the yard. He would bring his tricycle down to the fence and wait for his daddy to dump the dirt and then walk up the yard with his tricycle.

He would also use a garden hose extender nozzle as a "shovel" and walk with that up and down the yard and even pretend to dig up the dirt!

He may not talk yet, but he sure can observe and imitate!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Unexpected plant

Earlier this week, I found a plant on ebay and put in a bid. Today, I won the auction. This is unexpected, but don't mind it.

It's a "rare" plant called Philodendron Scandens Brasil or Lemon Lime Philo. Here is the exact plant I am getting.

I am excited to get this plant as well. I am getting more into the Philodendron type of plants. After this plant, I don't see myself getting anymore in the near future! I have to figure out a home for this plant, as I don't have any pots! I may put this one in some millennium soil so I don't have to mess with regular soil.

New Plants

My plants are here! I nearly ran out of the house to meet the mailman because I was so excited that my plants were here. Shannon had to open the box since it was taped up so tight.

When I took them out of the box, some of the soil spilled out. As I unwrapped them from the newspaper, more soil spilled out. And when I had to remove the tape and bubble wrap from the top of the pots, even more soil came out! It was such a mess!

The plants are cute and healthy. They just need some sunlight and time to adjust with the sun as they have been wrapped up for the last few days.

I quickly cleaned up the mess I made on the kitchen counter and also cleaned the microwave since it also needed cleaning.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Another Nice Day

Kyle wanted to go outside early today, so I took him out at 10 AM. He and I stayed out there for about an hour. I made lunch for him and then it was back outside.

The weather was nice today, it was a little warm but overcast. It started to cool down after about 2 PM. Kyle played outside for most of the day. He ran around the yard and rode his tricycle up and down the yard. We think he would have so much fun in a power wheels toy! That would be cute.

Shannon spent most of the afternoon digging. He started digging earlier this week. My in-laws are starting a garden and Shannon's doing the digging for them. The soil arrived today. They unloaded it in the middle of the driveway. It's supposed to be a rich mix of soil, so they are going to use that in the gardening bed. Shannon has one hole completely dug out and he started the second one today. His parents want to get everything ready this weekend, so Shannon's been working hard to get it done in time.

I made it a point to go outside as much as I could throughout the day. My asthma has been bothering me so I think the fresh air helps. I know it's the cat and the spring weather. I hate having allergies! LOL I never had allergy problems in Nevada.

I am still job hunting like crazy, applying here and there for Shannon. I also found 2 local jobs as a General Manager and Assistant General Manager for a new hotel being built, so hopefully Shannon will apply for those. He has to fax in his resume.

My plants should be here tomorrow! I can't wait to get them!

We also received a 2 week sample of coffee to try. After the 2 weeks are up, we have to take a survey. The can of coffee is unmarked so we don't even know what company/brand it's from. Shannon will be the tester for this survey.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Heavy Fog

I woke up this morning at 4 AM because I couldn't breathe and also because it was freezing cold! I had to use my asthma inhaler a least twice. I decided to get an over the counter inhaler, instead of going to a clinic. I am still waiting on my homeopathic asthma medicine to arrive, it won't be here til next week.

I didn't feel like going back to sleep so I ended up logging in to work! I was able to make the rest of my daily minimum in about an hour! It was nice to work without any interruptions from Kyle! The second hour I was up, I was just searching the internet, checking emails, and clicking on my PTC sites.

I woke up again around 9:30 AM when Kyle woke me up. I went to open the window shades and all I saw was fog! Very thick fog. By noon, the fog was gone and Kyle was able to go outside. It was a nice day today. It was a hot earlier, but it has since cooled off.

Shannon went to Walmart and bought a few more food items that we need, as well as my over the counter inhaler.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The sun will come out...Today!

The sun came out today! It's been at least 4 days of rain and overcast/cold weather! Kyle had to stay indoors for the last 4 days as well.

Today, he made up for being indoors for so long. He was outside playing the yard, running up and down. Shannon and I went outside as well and enjoyed the sunny weather. It was a little windy and not too hot. It actually started to get warm in the house. I really liked the fresh air and even walked around the yard for exercise.

Shannon also started digging the garden. He just loosened up the top soil. Hopefully he'll get more digging in this week. Kyle got pretty dirty. He had dirt on his face and clothes. I had to give him a bath tonight. I took a shower and then Shannon showered as well. I also had to do laundry today. Shannon really likes his new jeans, which I am glad I bought. He really needed new pants. We may even get him a few more pairs.

Phone Interview

Shannon had a phone interview at 2 PM today. The interview lasted an hour, which seems good because that means they may be interested. If they weren't, they would have cut it short. They sounded impressed.

Anyway, it sounds like a really nice place, except it needs a lot of work. They don't have training manuals, safety manuals, or policies and procedures written down. The place was recently taken over by the new company/owners so they are trying to settle in and get people hired, etc. Also, the hotel is located in Vermont in a town with a population: 500! LOL I haven't never lived in a town of that size, so I can't imagine everyone knowing your personal business.

We are trying not to get too excited about this place, but it's hard not to. From what Shannon is saying, we think it went well and they will hopefully call him out for a face to face interview. He has the experience they are looking for: security, policy/procedures/manual writing, training, front office, etc.

With that, I am still job searching. Since our search is narrowed down to a few states, I am not finding as many jobs. But still applying to any that I do find.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Plant Fever

I've been wanting to get a new plant and I was looking at the swiss cheese plant. I have seen it in the past and tried looking on ebay but never found one I liked.

I eventually found a great website to purchase plants from. I heard about them on a gardening forum and everyone who has purchased from this vendor says that the plants are healthy and big for the small price you pay. Their prices are better than ebay, so I decided to purchase from them instead.

I have also wanted to get a snake plant, I've always wanted to add one to my jungle. I found one at the above website, but they are offering a miniature version of the snake plant! I bought 2 of them, one to give to my mother-in-law. She likes plants and only has one in her bedroom.

I placed my order tonight. Now it's time to wait for their arrival. I hate the waiting part.

My current plants are doing really good. They are certainly growing and thriving. I gave them a shower the other day to remove the dust from their foliage.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

This weekend

This has been a nice quiet weekend. We've stayed indoors because it's been raining here and there and it's all wet and cold outside. Thankfully Kyle is okay with being indoors.

I belong to a website where they offer "bucks" for using their search engine. I have earned enough to redeem for prizes. I have chosen to redeem them for amazon gift cards. I was looking at the amazon website and found that they sell live houseplants! I was in heaven. I really want to buy a new plant! I am trying to distract myself with my current plants for now. I was thinking of buying a book or two. I want to read Watchmen and even considered getting the Twilight books. Instead, I am going to get some homeopathic medicine for my asthma. My allergies to the cat are doing good since I am taking homepathic medicine for that. But my asthma is really flaring up.

Just this weekend, Shannon has received 2 call backs for phone interviews. He has a phone interview on Monday for a manager position in Vermont. Then he received another call from a manager position in Louisiana. They are going to call him back on Monday to set up a phone interview. We have also decided to narrow our search and stick to only a few surrounding states. Plus, he is only looking for a certain pay range, if it's lower than that, he won't consider it.

My job is going well. There is still a little drama/gossip/rumors/horrible talk about the pay rate change. I won't go into details of what was being said, but it was hard NOT to read what was being posted online about it. I didn't respond to what was being posted, but it sure was crazy! I have only been with this company for a short time, and I don't want to ruin a good thing. This company has been good to me so far. I am just thankful to have a job that pays each month.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

A real life Scrooge!

Well, sort of...

Shannon and I have been talking about the email he received requesting an interview this week. The job is in Georgia, which is about a 5 1/2 to 6 hour drive. He's not sure if he wants to pursue it, since it is far away. Plus it's dependant on the pay. Shannon emailed her back today asking what the pay range was and if there will be a room provided to stay in for the night of the interview. She emailed back saying there will NOT be accomadations available to the people they are interviewing! What a scrooge! Basically, she's saying, "we don't care you have to drive 6 hours to interview, we just want you out afterwards, no accomadations."

Friday, March 13, 2009

Applied at Kmart

I just applied at Kmart online. I believe I applied for an office position. I don't even remember the job title, although it would be nice to get a call.

Internet Fixed

Shannon was able to fix the internet so I have internet on my laptop! I did a little work this evening and still plan on working more tonight. We really missed having internet for a full day. I hate not being able to research and look things up.

Since we didn't have internet this morning, I went through all of our pics and I found some that I really liked and added a few on my facebook page.

Catch Up

We just got back online a few hours ago. Our internet was out all day yesterday. I've been catching up on emails and everything else that I do online. I haven't been able to work since yesterday morning. We have internet on one computer. I am not on my computer so I don't have my bookmarks or settings that I am used to. Even the keyboard is throwing me off.

Our tax refund is being transferred into our bank account! The first time in since we've been married. We plan on getting the car fixed with the money.

Shannon also applied for unemployment. All he had to do was call in to file it. Now all he has to do is call in once a week and apply for at least 2 jobs a week. Piece of cake!

My mother-in-law has offered me some clothes that she is getting rid of. So far, I have gotten several tops (long and short sleeve) and a new bra! This is great since I had to get rid of most of my clothes!

Shannon has a phone interview in about an hour for a position with a hotel in New York! We're trying not to get our hopes up, especially after a roller coaster of emotions when he does get a call back. In the meantime, we are still looking.

We're looking at making our own laundry detergent. My mother-in-law got the idea from the Duggar family (the one with 18 kids) show. I looked up the recipes online and we just need to print them out. It only takes 3 ingredients. Mrs. Duggar said it only costs her $4 per month to do laundry, and they have 20 people in their family!!!

Shannon is still researching colleges. He found University of Phoenix, which he can attend online. He also found a local law school and all you need is a BS or BA to attend. He wants to get his BS/BA from University of Phoenix. He still needs to research the colleges more on costs, etc. With our internet being down yesterday, it really through us off. We couldn't do any research, check emails, etc.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Applied at Walmart

I just applied for 3 different types of positions with Walmart online. I don't mind if they don't call, but if they do, that would be even better. I don't mind the idea of going back to work outside of the home.

While we were at Walmart today, my feet started to hurt. LOL It's been awhile since I've had to stand up for long periods of time, especially for a job. I do miss working in retail, and I don't care what type of misconceptions come with that. Jobs are scarce these days. It was sad to hear some employees complain about their work schedules, even though many Americans don't have a job to complain about.

Out to Shop

My mother-in-law and I went out today. We stopped at Cracker Barrel and looked around in their gift shop. I have never been there and I didn't expect to see such a big retail area. I thought it was just a restaurant with a little area to shop. They had a lot of cute stuff, as well as old fashioned candy and toys.

We then went to Walmart. She had some clothes to exchange. I ended up buying 2 pairs of jeans for Shannon. They were Wrangler brand only $14.50!! I wanted to buy jeans for myself but ended up not getting them. They had several racks of clothes between $3-$9!!! Shannon really needed new pants since he only has 3 or 4 pairs, and some of the pairs he does have have holes in them.

When we got home, I did more job hunting and applied for another 10 or so jobs.

I didn't get to work as much as I wanted to today, so hopefully tonight it will be busy.

Half a pot of potting mix + 3 year old boy = MESS

Kyle spends most of the day outside. I like to go outside and enjoy the fresh air, wind, a little sun. Yesterday evening, Kyle discovered a half a pot of potting mix and kept dumping it out and playing with it, and putting it back in the pot. He would do this over and over again. Anyway, I've been giving him a bath every night this week since he spends so much time outside.

He got into the potting mix again and he discovered what happens when he mixes water with potting mix. He even got the stuff on his clothes and face. Lucky me, I get to give him a bath again! He's just being a boy, and that is what boys do.

Since he found out what he can do with a pot with potting mix, I moved my only plant that I have in a pot in another room. I put it up high on top of a shelf.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Exhausted and Frustrated

Shannon and I are exhausted and frustrated. Kyle went to bed around 9 PM or so, but then he woke up around 2 AM. We're not sure if it was because he was hot, we had to sleep with the window open because it was so hot. Anyway, he was fussy, frustrated, and having a tantrum. We finally turned on his cartoons on the Nick Jr. website. We had him watch Blue's Clues. I woke around 5:30 AM long enough to turn off the laptop and he was asleep! Kyle woke up around 9 AM and wanted to go right outside. I had him eat breakfast and then I had to get dressed super fast, just to take him outside.

Kyle's been tired all day today and having a tantrum for most of the day. So it's been even more frustrating for all of us. We are hoping he goes to bed early and stays asleep until morning.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

New Platform

I just finished training on a new platform for work! It looks really fun and different. It's a different screen and I think I will like this one just as much as my first platform. I will try to work more tonight, in between watching Kyle. Shannon has been really great watching Kyle downstairs and outside while I am working.

The training manager also asked me to consider being a moderator. I don't think I would want to do that because they have a work schedule and they are required to do more texts each month. I don't know if I want all that. Kyle takes up most of my time.

Hopefully next week, he'll start looking at the local college course information as well as the temp agencies. I will continue to job search and applying for any jobs that pop up!

I am going to try to make time at night to work as much as I can after Kyle goes to bed. Kyle is more active these days and loves being outside and running around.

Time Change

We haven't noticed the time change and Kyle didn't either. I think it was because we all went to bed pretty early. We put Kyle to bed around 9 PM or so, and Shannon and I both fell asleep too. I wanted to get back up to work more, but I was way too sleepy.

Shannon woke up around 6:45 AM or so and I woke up shortly after that. Kyle woke up at his normal time at around 7:30 PM.

Kyle's been outside since 8:30 AM. He couldn't wait to go! He'll be outside all day today.

It's busy at work today so I've been working here and there, I am also going to train on another platform this afternoon.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Our Future

The weather is beautiful today! We've been outside for most of the day because it's sunny and warm. We have been enjoying the fresh air and the sunshine! Sunshine is good for us and gives us a little tan!

Here is what my "weather channel" icon says:

Kyle's been outside running around for most of the day as well. He loves running back and forth, the length of the backyard! His cheeks were all red and he was feeling very hot to the touch. So we had him drink water and even gave him some oranges and apples. We hope he'll go right to sleep tonight!

Shannon and I have been talking about him going back to school. He's actually thinking about cleping the classes that he needs to get his degree. He wants his law degree. We're due to receive our tax refund next week, so we may use that to help pay for his school stuff. I also told him that I may want to do CNA classes. I have seen a few nurses on craigslist.org offer 2 day classes or "short term" classes. But I am not even sure if I want to do that type of work. If I were to go into health care, it would probably be medical assisting.

Next week, he's also going to go to a temp agency or two to get registered and set up with them. He's already with Kelly Services but we are in a different state and it's been a few years, so he may need to update his info.

Starting a Garden

My in-laws are wanting to start a garden in their backyard! Shannon and I are happy to help them. It sounds like a lot of fun. I would love to help plant the seeds! I have never been successful and growing plants from seed, let alone growing our own food. They have a neighbor offering them free wood to use to build the garden beds. They also have a friend offering free fertilizer (cow poo mixed with soil and hay...lol). All there is left is the vegetable seeds!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Friday Fun

Shannon and his mom went grocery shopping for organic fruits, vegetables, and other things. They bought more bananas for Kyle. Kyle had some grapes and a few bites of peanut butter and jelly sandwich and a few bites of my boca burger for dinner. I am just glad he ate the grapes! He needs more fruits in his diet.

My order for homeopathic medicine and other items arrived in the mail today. I am already tired of the medicine I am taking. It's making my nose feel REALLY dry to where it's starting to irritate me.

We took Kyle outside several times today. The weather was really nice (between 62 to 67 degrees). He loved to run around and the fresh air was good for all of us. Plus my in-laws dog loves to go outside and run around like crazy.

I am still applying like crazy to any and every job listing I see that Shannon may like. I check the job sites throughout the day. I probably applied for at least 15 jobs just today. Next week I am hoping Shannon will go to a temp agency. We talked about him doing that, just to have some money coming in. I asked him what he has planned for next week and he said he's thinking about it. Hopefully he'll have a plan of attack for next week.

Meanwhile, I am trying to put more time into working. Especially since Shannon is taking the initiative to watch Kyle more for me during the day. This gives me time to apply for jobs and do a little work here and there.

For some reason, there seems to be less work coming in and more people logged in to work. So it feels like we're all clamoring for work. I really hope this changes, it sounds like it's not usually like this, where there isn't much work to do.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

PB & J

I made Kyle a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for dinner today. He's been eating nothing but cereal and snack foods for lunch and dinner. He's so picky so I never know what he'll eat. Except for bananas, he will always eat a banana or 3.

I made his peanut butter and jelly sandwich on 100% whole wheat bread, all natural peanut butter (YUM!), and natural raspberry preserves. I was so surprised to see him actually eat it. He's never really been into sandwiches before.

This morning, he did have a few bites of toast with raspberry preserves on it. He wasn't really into that. Hopefully next time.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

BJ's Warehouse

Shannon took his mom shopping at BJ's Warehouse, which is like a Costco or Sam's Club. We've received invitations to shop at their store and try them out for a month but never took advantage. My mother-in-law is suffering from RSD and she can't use or move her right hand and arm, so Shannon went to help carry things and drive.

Anyway, while they were getting groceries and stocking up on other items, I stayed home with Kyle and did laundry! We had 3 piles getting bigger each day! LOL I separate our laundry into 3 piles: darks, lights/whites, and heavy darks (jeans, sweats, sweatshirts, etc).

Like us, my in-laws usually get the same things each time they go, so we basically combined what we tend to get with what they get. Shannon bought a lot of snack foods. He also bought bananas for Kyle and he ended up having 3 bananas! LOL

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Taxes are DONE!

I just finished our taxes and e-filed them! I am glad that is done and over with. I was able to file both state and federal taxes for free since we qualified for their free program (just like last year)! I don't even know or expect to get a refund since it usually goes straight to Shannon's student loan.

I also had to switch our address with our car insurance company and that brought our rate down about $3 per month.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Allergies and Asthma

I am still taking my medication for asthma as well as my over the counter medicine for my allergies to the cat. I am almost out of both medicines. I have decided to start using the homeopathic remedies again. They seemed to work last time. Plus, we don't have health insurance and I don't want to end up with a $300 doctor bill just to get a prescription for a medication that I need, which would cost another $50 to $100.

So I found a homeopathic remedy to purchase online. I also bought a few other items that I need, and I know Shannon won't want to go shopping or he'll buy the wrong item. About a week ago, I asked him to get me some conditioner for my hair and he picked up shampoo on accident. I also bought conditioner and toothpaste and few other items.

Shannon's going grocery shopping tomorrow with his mom. They (prefer to) only eat organic so I am not sure where she's taking him.

That's Odd!

Back in early February, I sent Shannon's resume and cover letter to a company for a hotel manager position. The "area operations manager" called about 10 minutes after receiving his resume. This is the same woman that stood him up TWICE for a phone interview!!! By the third day, we received an email from the "regional director" asking if he was still interested and said he would have the "area operations manager" contact him. So the lady calls him later that afternoon apologizing and claiming she was busy and some other crap! She ends up rescheduling the phone interview for later that same day. She actually called and ended the conversation saying, "plan to move." A few days later, she emails Shannon saying they decided to go in a different direction. WTF?

Well, I went to look for jobs tonight and HER position is now posted!!!! hahahahahahahahaha LOL I sent Shannon's resume in to the "regional director" so hopefully he (or she) will call or email! I told Shannon this tidbit and we both think she may have been fired or she got overwhelmed and quit? Maybe the company realized she's a FLAKE and doesn't FOLLOW THROUGH!?

All I gotta say is... It's called KARMA!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Boxes and Bags

We are now living in boxes and bags. Our stuff is still packed and our clothes are still in our bags. It's just disorganized for me. I feel displaced. I hope we can have our own place again soon.

Kyle seems to be adjusting. He loves playing with the dog and loves to get kisses from him. He even tried getting kisses from the cat but she wasn't having anything to do with that. He had a tantrum last night at bedtime, hopefully he will understand soon.

We are still waiting to hear back about this last job interview he had on Thursday. In the meantime, I am still looking and sending out his resume and cover letter.

It's been raining all day today and yesterday! The rain is great but it would be nice to go outside. We heard it's supposed to snow, but still nothing yet.

Since it's been slow at work this last week I joined a few new PTC sites. Now I am torn between doing my PTC sites and working. I know I make a little more through work but my PTC sites are a habit of mine, so I want to get them all done and work. Today, I am trying to squeeze in work and PTC sites between watching Kyle.