His First Visit To His New School

Kyle starts school in just a few days!  He will be starting 6th grade at a brand new school, in a new school district.  

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Backpack Program

Happy Halloween!  Last week, Kyle's teachers sent home a note asking parents to send two bags of candy and little toys.  They were going to make treat bags on Halloween to take home.  Kyle came home with a huge bag of candy! 

The school also sent a note home letting us know that he qualifies for the Backpack Program.  Once a month, they will send him home with a backpack full of non-perishable food for him to eat on the weekends.  The backpack is to be returned to school the following Tuesday.  I filled out the form and will send it back to school with him tomorrow.  I am glad we will be receiving free food from the school!

Shannon will be working the rest of the week.  He has to work both jobs on Saturday.  He will be working Friday night from 11pm until 7am and then he has to work the college football game [on Saturday] from 10am until the end of the game.  He is going to see if he can get off early that day.  Then he has to work Saturday night from 11pm until 7am!  Wow!  What a schedule!  He will get only a few hours of sleep on Saturday morning before he has to go to work at the football game. He will be getting full time hours this week which will really help us.  Hopefully by next month, we won't have to use my EE Bonds to pay the rent and bills! 

He also starts at Best Buy next week and they are going to work around his security supervisor job.  

Since Shannon has to work the rest of the week, we went to Walmart tonight for a small trip.  We bought enough food to last us a week or two. 

Want to switch banks

We currently bank at Wells Fargo.  We ended up with them when Wachovia merged with Wells Fargo.  I recently found out that Shannon also hates Wells Fargo!  I dislike the bank because of the recent fees they've tacked on to our account. 

I've been wanting to switch to a credit union.  Now that Shannon has an employer, we qualify to join a credit union.  Hopefully we can switch to a credit union soon. 

Two days ago, we made a big deposit into our Wells Fargo account.  I checked our account online yesterday and it wasn't in our account.  Shannon called them to have them look into it.  They didn't see any pending deposits and told us they would look in to it.  We thought maybe Hurricane Sandy may have slowed down their servers/banking services. 

I checked our account this morning and the money is finally showing up.  It really drove me crazy because we have rent to pay and a few bills pending!


Shannon has been working like crazy at his security supervisor job.  He's in training, so he's been working with other supervisors on their shift.  He's worked everyday this week except yesterday.  He still hasn't heard back from Best Buy on when he's going to start.  We decided he should just focus on his supervisor job for now.  We have also talked about the possibility of him dropping the Best Buy job since he can get hours with his security  job, but they aren't guaranteed extra hours each week.

On Saturday, Shannon will be working two jobs.  He has to work the college football game and then work graveyard as a security supervisor! 

Friday, October 26, 2012

Full Shift Tonight!

Shannon worked all day yesterday.  He worked at least 11 or 12 hours yesterday at both jobs.  He worked a little over 3 hours at Best Buy for orientation and then he went straight to the other job for security. 

He had to go in today for the security supervisor position to get his badge, the necessary shots and additional tests!  He works a full shift tonight too!  He works 11pm until 7am. 

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Big day tomorrow!

Shannon has a big day tomorrow.  He has orientation at Best Buy.  They estimate his orientation to last between 3 1/2 to 4 hours.  He also has to work his other job as security at the college football game.  The game doesn't start until 7pm but they usually have them come in 3 hours before the game starts.  As soon as he's done with his orientation, he has to go straight to the security job and work until after the game is over.  He will be working for at least 10-11 hours tomorrow at both jobs. 

He will also start training for his security supervisor job on Friday!  He has to report to work at 7:45 AM! 

It will be nice to start receiving regular paychecks! 

Friday, October 19, 2012

Next Thursday!

It turns out that his Best Buy orientation is next Thursday! 

We are still waiting for him to start his security supervisor job!  They called earlier this week to confirm some information and said the orientation should be in about a week!  I can't believe that job is taking almost 3 weeks to start!

Monday, October 15, 2012

The Walking Dead

A few weeks ago, someone mentioned that they are watching the show The Walking Dead on Netflix.  I found the show and added it to our "queue."  We started watching it today and are now hooked on the show! 

The Walking Dead is about living amongst zombies! 

When can he start?!

Well, he was hired at Best Buy last week.  Now we're just waiting for them to call about a start date.  It's just frustrating because we need him to start earning a regular paycheck!  His other job is only 3 or 4 days a month, sometimes less. 

We are being charged $3 every so often from our bank because we don't have enough in our savings.  It's called a "overdraft protection" charge or something like that.  It's just annoying that we are being charged, even though we don't have enough money in the first place.  I told Shannon that when he got hired at his first job that we should go open an account with a credit union, but that never happened.  If we are members of a credit union, they won't charge us because we don't have enough in the bank. 

Thursday, October 11, 2012


We went to Walmart today for groceries.  At checkout, our bank card was denied for insufficient funds.  Luckily, Shannon had a credit card from his other bank. 

I just hate having to use my EE Bonds for most of this year to help support the family.  Although, I am glad that this past summer, Shannon finally realized he needs to look for work. 

We're just waiting for him to start at Best Buy.  He was hired yesterday and took the drug test.  We're hoping they will have him start soon! 

His other job called offering him another position for full time, but the pay was low.  They wanted to offer him this full time job because the supervisor job won't start for another week or so!    He had to turn down the full time job because he was just hired at Best Buy. 

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

He got the job!

Shannon got the job at Best Buy!  They had him fill out the paperwork and then go take the drug test.  The job is only part time, two to three days a week.  They are starting him at $2 more an hour than the starting pay! 

2nd interview at Best Buy

Shannon had a second interview today at Best Buy.  They called him yesterday, right after the first interview to ask him to come in today for another interview!  This is a part time position, and it sounds like it would work around his security supervisor job. 

He still hasn't heard back from his current employer regarding the job that they offered him.  It's been a week and a half. 

Monday, October 8, 2012

Interview at Best Buy

Shannon still hasn't heard back from his currently employer about his supervisor job that he was hired for.  Last Monday, he went in for the drug test and TB test.  He was told by the doctor that he passed the TB test and he doesn't do drugs, so he passed that. 

Last night, Best Buy called to schedule an interview.  He had applied for the job about 2 or 3 weeks ago!  He called them back this afternoon and has an interview tomorrow! 

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Back to Turbo Fire

I am now on Week 2 of Turbo Fire.  In the weeks before, I was doing Turbo Jam to get my body and endurance up for Turbo Fire.  I took the summer off from Turbo Fire since the workout schedule is so intense and Kyle was home from school.  During the summer, I was focusing on pilates and yoga.  Now that Kyle is back in school, I wanted to get back into Turbo Fire. 

So far, I am staying on track and my body isn't that sore the next day.  I can feel my muscles getting strong faster this time around on the schedule.