His First Visit To His New School

Kyle starts school in just a few days!  He will be starting 6th grade at a brand new school, in a new school district.  

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Sunday Shopping

My mother-in-law, Kyle and I went shopping today.  We stopped by Ross and Costco.  I bought a trash can and shower liner for our bathroom.  I also bought dress socks for work.

While at Ross, I wanted to look for ceramic planter pots.  I have been wanting a ceramic pot since I have only used plastic pots in the past.  I found a really cute ceramic pot that was two or three different colors.  It is shaped like an over sized tea cup!  I was going to get two but decided to get only one for now.  I am still wanting to get potting soil to transplant my plants. 

At Costco, I ended up getting Spray ‘n Wash for laundry stains and AAA batteries.  Every time we go, we always get the samples!  Kyle eats about half of them and I end up eating his.  I saw a really cute hooded zip up sweater that was $20 but passed on it.  Now I regret not getting it.  It was light weight but looked like it would keep me warm.