His First Visit To His New School

Kyle starts school in just a few days!  He will be starting 6th grade at a brand new school, in a new school district.  

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Sunday Shopping

My mother-in-law, Kyle and I went shopping today.  We stopped by Ross and Costco.  I bought a trash can and shower liner for our bathroom.  I also bought dress socks for work.

While at Ross, I wanted to look for ceramic planter pots.  I have been wanting a ceramic pot since I have only used plastic pots in the past.  I found a really cute ceramic pot that was two or three different colors.  It is shaped like an over sized tea cup!  I was going to get two but decided to get only one for now.  I am still wanting to get potting soil to transplant my plants. 

At Costco, I ended up getting Spray ‘n Wash for laundry stains and AAA batteries.  Every time we go, we always get the samples!  Kyle eats about half of them and I end up eating his.  I saw a really cute hooded zip up sweater that was $20 but passed on it.  Now I regret not getting it.  It was light weight but looked like it would keep me warm. 

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Customer Care Center

Our agency went through a huge change.  Most people were moved to different areas of the building to accommodate our services to make it easier for our customers.  Soon after I started, my supervisor urged me to apply for a "worker" position -- a promotion.  That way, when I want to move to another county or another state, I would be more valuable to the new agency.  As a worker, they maintain food stamp or medicaid cases. It sounds to be very stressful.

My official title is office assistant/call center representative.  Now that we are now settled in to the call center, we will soon be classified as a "worker."  The title seems to be "eligibility worker."  I will be handed the "promotion" without having to apply for it.  Our call center consists of the two of us from the previous call center and the the five others are medicaid or food stamp workers.  Our area has been working together and they are helping us to answer questions.  We are helping each other and it seems we all get along great.

Last Friday, the "workers" that joined our call center had a chance to learn the phone system and how to answer questions, etc.  We have to be ready to go on Monday.  We will need the medicaid workers help with answering the medicaid line.  The food stamp line is always the busiest and thankfully we will have a food stamp worker in our area now.  She will be helping us with that line.

Since the workers are transferred into the call center, they still have cases that they are trying to finish up to hand off to the department that will take them over.  Since they will still be working on their cases, they will also help answer the medicaid line. 

There are high hopes for the call center and our director is really excited.  We are a part of the the "customer care center."  We are the call center and the other area is the main window that people will go to for quick things, such as dropping of things for their worker, leaving a message for their worker, etc.  Essentially, the "customer care center" will be "workers" to help the other workers focus on their cases.  We will help people update their cases over the phone.  We will soon be able to print things off for them and mail them to out to the customer, and do many more things for people. 

I am more excited for the "promotion" without the pay...  I have been told that we will be classified as "eligibility workers" and we may be re-evaluated for the raise in pay.  I am really not concerned with the pay.  As soon as I have the title, I will be updating my resume to reflect the change. 

Thursday, September 19, 2013

New houseplants

I went a little crazy over the last few weeks and bought new houseplants.  I found two at Walmart that were the healthiest.  Every other plant at Walmart was dead, droopy or just looked like they were going to die.  The two that I found happened to be ones that I really wanted.  One of them I had before but sadly had to get rid of.  I now have Pothos Marble Queen and Philodendron Brasil.

I also bought two different types of spider plants on ebay.  I bought a curly spider plant, which I had before but had to get rid off.  I also bought miniature spider plants.  I was sent 3 babies! 

I now have two plants at work with me.  I keep my Pothos Marble Queen and one of my miniature spider plants on my desk! 

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Working on my credit

This week, I received my new credit card!   I have been browsing a few online stores (Kohl's and JC Penney) here and there for sales.  I am on their email mailing list so they send me at least 3 emails a week with sales and discounts they have going. 

About a month ago, I bought new clothes at JC Penney because when I tried shopping on Kohl's website, it would always redirect me to yahoo.  I took it as a sign that I need to shop elsewhere.

Unfortunately, when I went to shop on Kohl's website again, it redirected me again!  I decided to go to JC Penney's website instead.

All of the clothes I bought were on clearance and I had a special coupon code to use which helped me save even more!  I bought a pair of casual flats, pants, two tops and a pair of jeans!  I can easily wear the jeans on "casual Friday." 

I used my new credit card to make my purchase.  

Saturday, September 7, 2013

New pajamas and tops

I am slowing building my work wardrobe and building my non-work clothes.  The current clothes I wear on the weekends are tops that I bought a few years ago at Walmart.  They are needing to be replaced, so I am slowing buying colorful tops.  Today, we stopped at Hanes outlet store and I bought two tops that are suitable for casual Friday as well as on the weekends.  I also bought two pajamas sets.  They contains a long sleeved top, and pajama pants and shorts. 

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Credit Card

Last week, I applied for a credit card with my credit union.  I was notified today that I was not going to be approved because of a credit card balance I have in collections. 

Since I hate being told that I cannot do something or have something, I decided to apply for a credit card with Capital One.  I am trying to rebuild my credit! 

The application process took less than 3 minutes to complete and I was approved within 30 seconds or so!  My credit limit is $1000 but I plan on making small purchases here and there and paying it off as soon as I can.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Vertigo is back!

This morning I woke up and I felt dizzy right away after getting out of bed.  At first I thought it was because I got up too quickly.  As I was walking around doing my normal routine, the dizziness wouldn't go away. 

The vertigo is back!  Thankfully, the vertigo isn't as bad as last time.  My dizziness goes in waves and there is no vomiting.  I read that peppermint oil and lavender will help with the vertigo symptoms.  I added a few drops to a cotton pad and applied to my skin.  Shannon also bought me some Dramamine.  If I lay down a certain way, the dizziness comes back. 

When I realized I would not make it through a work day, I called my supervisor, manager and division manager and left voicemails to let them know I was not coming in.  I also had to talk to someone, so I called my supervisor around 8:30am to talk to her and let her know. 

Changes at work

Work is going good.  I have been working there for almost 2 months now.  Our agency is going through some major changes.  They are reorganizing the departments in order to streamline the process to apply for the services we offer. 

I work in the call center and we are scheduled to move to our new area next Tuesday.  They are moving people in groups of about 15 per day.  It appears our call center will now have more people, so that will help with call volume! 

My new desk is no longer in a cubicle, it is a smaller desk.  I may bring in a plant to have on my desk, just to help brighten my work area. 

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Last minute back to school shopping

Sunday is our only day for family and we took the time to go to Target for last minute shopping for Kyle.  His teacher gave us a list of things he needed so we bought everything he needs.  I will miss his first day of school and the rest of the days because Shannon will be dropping me off at work first and then drop Kyle off at school and head home.  His school is not too far from where we live. 

I packed everything so that it will be easy for Shannon to carry everything and bring Kyle to school and walk him to his classroom. 

While at Target, we also bought Kyle more underwear (he now has 15 pairs), which helps with rotating them from school and home.  We also bought him new socks because most of his pairs have holes or just look old and worn out. 

We now have a Keurig machine!  We were sent a box of different flavors of hot coffee and tea and a small sampler of ice coffee.  I tried the ice coffee and it is delicious!  I bought a big box of ice coffee at Target!  I look forward to making ice coffee at home.  I no longer need to spend the money at McDonalds for an ice coffee and can make it at home. 

Saturday, August 10, 2013

New clothes for school and work

Last weekend and this weekend, I bought Kyle new clothes for school.  He was in need of new pants as his old ones were ripped and too short for him.  His new pants have an elastic waistband.  I also bought him new shoes for school.  This time, I bought him Skechers brand.  They are perfect because they have velcro. 

I did not have time to really shop for me because Kyle was with us, but I did manage to buy one new pair of flat shoes to wear for work! 

When I got home from shopping today, I searched Kohl's and Target.  As I was trying to add items to my cart on the Kohl's website, it would redirect to yahoo each time. 

Instead, I ended up going to the JC Penney website and spent over $111 on new clothes for work.  I also used a coupon code to save $20 off my order!  Every item that I bought at JC Penney is on sale or clearance!  I am looking forward to slowly building my wardrobe for work.  I bought two new pairs of pants and 4 tops that are suitable for work and 4 additional tops suitable for casual Friday or my days off.  The 4 additional tops for casual Friday would work for any day at work as well.  They are neutral enough. 

Monday, July 29, 2013


I had an awakening tonight.  I realized that I am trying to maintain my blog as I did before I started my full time job.  I am used to spending all of my time on my blog.  I have realized that trying to update my blog every night is tiring and very difficult.  It is taking away from my personal time, family and other things. 

I am going to finish up on my current reviews and try my hardest not to accept any new reviews.  I have been selective in the last few weeks but I am still exhausted when I get home from work.

My blog was my full time job and I am still treating it as a full time thing.  I am unable to do this anymore because I am at work for 9 hours a day.  By the time I get home, I am very exhausted and just want to relax.  Tonight was the breaking point. 

Our toilet flooded tonight which meant we had to soak up all of the water with our towels.  By the time we caught it, the water was a good inch or two in the bathroom.  I threw about half of towels in the washer and the other half is in the tub for now. 

I go to sleep around 9pm because I set my alarm for about 5:20am and get out of bed around 5:40am or so.  I want to be well rested when I wake up in the morning. 

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Three Weeks into New Job

I am in my third week at my new job.  So far, I am enjoying it.  Everyone is really nice.  Thankfully, there is not a lot of gossip, nor are there any rude people to deal with.  Overall, I work with great people. 
There is a completely different work environment than I am used to.  I have experience working in customer service.  I now work as an Office Assistant/Call Center Representative.  We work in “customer care.”  The office environment is laid back but still professional because we are in the public eye.
The attire is business casual and Fridays being Casual Friday.  We can wear blue jeans and sneakers.  Sandals are allowed.  I was told that “flip flops” are not allowed but have seen people wear them.  I only have a few pairs of shoes to wear for work, so I try to rotate them as they fit my outfit.  I have a few sandals that I have received from doing product reviews.  I hope to add them to my work attire. 
A lot of my co-workers wear dresses or skirts.  I have not been brave enough to add dresses or skirts to my wardrobe.  I have just enough clothes to last a full work week.  I do hope to add new outfits every so often to build my business casual attire. 

School and Expenses

Kyle starts school at the end of August.  I still do not know what day he starts, but I am thinking it is around the last week of August.  He is starting a new school this year, so he will have a new classroom and teacher.  When it comes to school, Kyle adjusts pretty quickly.  He just loves school and the routine of going everyday. 
Shannon was accepted into law school.  He will start in early September.  He will continue working part time and be there for Kyle to take him to and from school. 
I will continue with my full time job as well. 
With law school, there are a few expenses, such as books and other computer programs he needs.  Everything should settle down once we both start receiving regular paychecks.  He and I get paid on the same day, so that helps. 

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Start new job tomorrow

I am excited to start my new job tomorrow.  I picked out the outfit I am going to wear and gathered everything together that I want to bring. 

I am going to wear a black top, black pants, black shoes. 

I am bringing a tote bag with some snacks, my benefits papers that I need to turn in and a bottle of water. 

This afternoon, we drove by the building again just to locate the parking lot that I am assigned to.  I am unsure if there is a special door that I need to use.  For the first day, I am just going to try the front door.  Hopefully the doors won't be locked. 

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Basic clothes for work

The last two days were spent finding clothes for my new job.  I now have a handful of blouses and trouser socks.  Thankfully, I already have pants to wear.  I also bought two new wireless bras that I plan on wearing at night. 

After shopping at Kohl's the last two days, I do not plan on going there again anytime soon.  They are a little pricey.  They are just as expensive as a department store in the mall! 

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Paperwork and more

Shannon's boss called yesterday and gave him additional hours this week.  He had to work for about an hour this morning, just long enough to train for that particular work site. 

This morning, I went to Human Resources to fill out a few forms and they gave me the benefits package to read through and fill out the forms to bring back later.  They also sent me to get my drug screening done.  Thankfully, I only waited about 15 minutes to take the test. 

Pending my background check and drug screening, I should hear from Human Resources or my new boss on a start date. 

Monday, June 24, 2013

I got the job!

I got the job at the County as an Office Assistant.  The pay is lower than the salary range they list on their website.  However, on their pay plan, it lists that that is the starting pay for all "Office Assistants." 

I am going in to Human Resources to do the background check and drug screen. 

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Grocery shopping at Trader Joe's

My MIL and I went grocery shopping at Trader Joe's.  I ended up getting fruit and spinach and few other healthy items.  I just bought as much as I could but also thinking of staying under a certain amount.

I am amazed at the prices, they are comparable to what I would pay at Walmart or any other grocery store. 

I bought a goodies for all of us too.  I bought Kyle "cheetos" like snack.  For Shannon and I, I bought ice cream.  I bought him "coffee bean" and for me, I chose chocolate.  Kyle has been helping me eat the chocolate ice cream. 

Less Diapers

Kyle is still successfully using the toilet to pee.  I am not sure if he is pooping in the toilet but he is still using a diaper to go number 2.  Other than that, we put him in diaper at night at bedtime.  Now we're using about 3 diapers or less a day. 

We have left the house while he was wearing underwear but it was for about 20 minutes or so.  We haven't tried taking him out while wearing underwear for very long. 

I just bought a new box of diapers, I hope this will be the last box ever with him!  

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Using the toilet

For the majority of the day, Kyle has been using the toilet to go pee.  For the last few days, I have been having him wear regular boys underwear.  I bought these several months ago, maybe even a year ago.  At first, he wouldn't put them on, or he would put them on and then quickly take them off.  Fast forward to now, he likes putting them on and wearing them for a little bit.  A few times, he would put them on and pee just a enough to take them off and put on another pair.  And then put on diapers. 

Today, is completely different.  He did pee a little bit in two pairs of underwear.  Then he put on a diaper.  Then I told him to get his underwear.  He's been wearing underwear since this morning and going pee by himself.  He recognizes the urge to go and runs to the toilet. 

We even went for a walk today and he was wearing underwear. 

Hopefully we won't have to buy diapers anymore...  I hope to have him potty trained by the time school starts. 

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Electric company

By June 21st, we would pay our electric company over $746.  I am not sure why it is that much.  I know we were paying for two places for awhile but I don't think it should be that much.  Not only that, we received another bill in the mail that combined both our former account with the electric company and this account.  They merged the two accounts and they say we owe another $402+ on July 2nd.  They did tack on $312+ from the former account to this latest bill.  So I am going to call them next week to get the current total we owe.  That is just ridiculous how much we owe.

Not only that, when we got home today, we had a letter from the office stating we have an outstanding bill of $12+ due for the electric company!  I don't know how that is.  We switched the apartment to our name.  I am pretty sure it was from the days that the construction people were in here. 

One day for errands

Shannon is still working non-stop and today is his only day off this week.  Thankfully, it was just in time for us to pick up some things I ordered online through Walmart.  I chose the “site to store” option which means shipping was free!  I bought a Rachael Ray tea kettle in red (to match my red Rachael Ray casserole dish).  

I also bought a welcome mat!  Shannon liked the personalized mat.  We decided on the one below:

We chose the black color design.  Ours has the letter “F” for our last name and also represents what apartment number we’re in.  Instead of our last name, we choose the word FAMILY.  It worked out perfectly.  The letter stands for our last name and the word family!  It is a very basic welcome mat, but it will do.
While we were at Walmart, Shannon also received a call from his boss.  He now works every day except Monday!  So, he’s working six days next week! 

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Two Miles of Walking and Yoga

Kyle and I walked at least two miles total!  Today is the first day of summer break for him.  We went for a walk around our apartment complex and I am guessing it was about a mile walk, although I could be wrong.  We went for a walk around 9:25am and then again at around 12:40pm or so.  It was overcast and not hot at all when we went for a walk the first time.  However, when we went for a walk in the afternoon, it was hot and humid!  

This morning, I also did 15 minutes of yoga!  

Shannon has been working non-stop since we moved.  So he’s been working just about every day for the last three weeks.  I think after this, he won’t be volunteering for this many days of work.  But then again, he knows we need the money.  He is trying to pay off his credit card, plus we have bills. 

I did manage to save us about $21 a month by switching our car and renter’s insurance.  I am very happy with the change.  I am also ecstatic about saving that much per month! 

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Afternoon trip shopping

My mother-in-law went to Trader Joe's and Stein Mart today.  They are in the same shopping center, so we went to Stein Mart first.  She was looking for a few things and only found one, which is a kitchen timer.  Then we headed over to Trader Joe's.  It was perfect timing for me, since I was going to go to the grocery store across the street later this week for produce. 

I ended up buying spinach, tomatoes, avocados, meatless patties, frozen quiche, chocolate covered raisins, and two bottles of wine!  The prices were comparable to any other grocery store and Walmart which was surprising to me.  I am glad that Trader Joe's is more affordable than I thought. 

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Law School in the future?

For as long as I have known Shannon, he has always wanted to go to law school.  When he finally went back to school and graduated to earn his Bachelor’s Degree, I wanted him to pursue law school.  It seemed he was putting it off. 

I knew he was not actually putting it off.  I know that we cannot afford it, but I kept urging him to apply.  He said that law school does not allow you to work the first year of school, which means we would not work for our family.  I told him to try other schools.  I also told him they don’t expect new students to hand over a $40,000 check just to attend.  Law schools do have financial aid offices, I am sure they help students figure out how they are going to pay for school. 

The other night, I just finally told him how frustrating it is that he has his Bachelor’s Degree.  He should really look into law schools or at least apply to a few schools.  He took our talk to heart and the next morning, he told me he found an online law school that would cost roughly $4000 a year to attend.  The only downside is that they do not offer financial aid or loans, it would all be out of pocket. 

Last night, he found out that Concord Law School offers an online option through Kaplan University.  The law school is entirely online.  They also offer financial aid and loans.  To make a long story short, if everything works out, he could be a law student starting in September! 

The only downside to studying through Concord Law School/Kaplan is that if he were to become a lawyer, he would have to practice law in California.  His law license would be legit, he just could not practice in any other state.  However, that doesn’t mean he could apply for other jobs with his law degree.  He could always go back into management, training or even Human Resources. 

Switched insurance companies

Since we moved, it was time to consider switching or looking for a lower insurance rate.  We have been with Progressive since 2007.  The other day, I shopped for a car and renter's insurance rate with Allstate.  If we switched to Allstate, our car insurance payment would be about $20 a month!  Our renter's insurance was about $1 or so lower. 

I made the switch this morning.  We are paying about $20 less a month for car insurance and about the same for renter's insurance!  I am excited we are now Allstate customers.  Our insurance goes into affect at the end of the month. 

Monday, June 3, 2013

Floor lamp hand-me-down

My mother-in-law stopped by this afternoon and asked if we wanted their floor lamp.  She also brought over a decorative plastic plant in a basket and asked if we wanted it.  Right now, it is sitting on the top shelf with my other plants in our living room. 

Shannon and I agreed that we could definitely the lamp.  They brought it over this afternoon.  I like it.  I have it in our living room for now, but Shannon may decide to move it.  Kyle likes it.  He turned it on and is sitting on the couch watching TV. 

Saturday, June 1, 2013

A few more hand-me-downs

My mother-in-law gave us four wine glasses, a wine rack and a wine glasses rack/holder.  I don't drink, but I am glad Shannon has actual wine glasses to use.  He has wine on occasion.  He will have a glass in the evening time to help him fall asleep. 

She also gave me a brass candle stick!  It's pretty.  I may use it to hold an air plant!  I am not sure what to do with the candle stick!

She gave me a huge white serving bowl!  I love it.  We can use it to serve and store salad or even our homemade salsa.  

I also have a cheese grater and a few plastic beer mugs that they got from Epcot!  I also got a coffee or tea carafe that will keep our beverage hot.  I love tea so I can keep it in the carafe.  She gave me the utensils holder that will sit on our counter.  It holds our kitchen cooking tools!  I really wanted something like it.  Lastly, she gave me a green/BPA free cooking pan, it is a small square size that can cook one egg or so. 

My new air plant container

My mother-in-law is going through her things to determine what she should keep and what items to donate to Goodwill.  Before donating to Goodwill, she is offering me anything we want/need.  One of the things she gave me is the glass container with a lid.  She used it as a candy dish but she suggested I use it for my air plants! 

So I took a few pictures to display my air plants. 

I may look for a big enough plant or two to fit inside! 

Friday, May 31, 2013

The in-laws are moved in

The in-laws arrived on Wednesday night around 10:40pm.  They did not expect to arrive so late, but they ended up leaving much later than they expected.  The hired movers took 6 1/2 hours to load their U-Haul.  The movers were slow and one of the guys had no idea what he was doing.  They plan on complaining to the company that sent the moving guys. 

The in-laws stayed two nights in our second bedroom.  They were able to get their apartment keys yesterday and they started moving in a few of their things.  My mother-in-law set up their bathroom so that they could shower in their shower this morning. 

The U-Haul arrived yesterday and the movers moved all their stuff in today.  They even helped transport and unload their things into the storage unit they rented. 

They are exhausted and trying to get settled in. 

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

New school next year

After two years of attending his current school, Kyle will be attending a new school next year.  Since we moved, it put us in a different zone. 

I wanted to get him enrolled into the new school before school ends because it would give me one less thing to worry about.  I tried calling the elementary school closest to us and after being transferred to the Pre-K EC teacher and then having to call back, I asked if we should just come in.  We stopped by and I was able to speak to the head EC teacher and she was able to determine that he would not attend their school.  She gave me the number to her supervisor at the main office/district office. 

I called the number from the parking lot since Shannon has a cell phone and we were already out and about for this purpose.  Anyway, she took down Kyle's name and address and looked up what school he will attend.  She said she will email the principal to let him know.  They will set up transportation too.  She gave me his teacher's name and said I could call her about a week after school ends to meet with her if needed.

I feel better that he will be ready to attend his new school.  We even drove by the school.  It is an elementary and middle school on one campus.

I was also informed that they use the same program as his current school. 

Back at school

After staying home on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday and having Monday off, Kyle is back at school!

Kyle was really excited about returning to school.  He was getting bored.  I am glad he will be attending school all this week.  Shannon is working on Friday, so his mom will help get him to school that day.

My in-laws are moving on Wednesday.  They are driving up on Wednesday and their neighbors are driving their U-Haul for them on Thursday.  They will be staying with us on Wednesday and Thursday night for now. 

Thursday, May 23, 2013

New Washer and Dryer

Our washer and dryer is here!  I love it!

Not only that, they were delivered on time.  They called me a little after 9am to say that they will be here around 9:30am and they were on time.

While they were installing it, the maintenance guys came by to change our filter and do pest control.  One of the guys asked, "Did you buy those?"  I said, "Yes!"  He said, "Wow, those are nice!  They are better than the ones we use."  I think he was referring to the ones the apartment complex rents out to residents!

Kyle loves sitting in front of the washer and watch the clothes spin around.

 Our old washer also had a window that he could watch the clothes spin around.  Now he can watch both the washer and dryer through the window! 

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The mountain of laundry

I couldn't stand our mountain of laundry anymore.  I decided to do two loads of laundry today!  Kyle helped me along the way by carrying the laundry detergent, the basket or the keys.  He loves helping and he loves going on walks, so it was perfect. 

Our washer and dryer are supposed to be delivered tomorrow!  I am so excited. I also earned over $60 in cash back just from shopping online. 

Work = Money = Missed School

Shannon was asked to work today, Thursday and Friday.  He is working split shifts, however, that also means Kyle will be unable to get to school.  Since we moved, we are driving him to school. 

Shannon said that he'd rather earn money and have Kyle miss three days of school.  I hate that's he's missing school, but we do need the money!  Shannon won't be taking any extra day shifts at work until after Kyle is out of school. 

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

I ordered them online

This afternoon, I did something I never thought I would ever do.  I ordered a washer and dryer online!  They will be delivered on Thursday!  I am so excited and can't wait for them to get here.  We have a mountain of laundry to do too.

I ended up getting a front loading washer and both appliances are Energy Star rated. 

When I asked Shannon for his opinion on what type of appliances to get, he said it was up to me.  I went with front loading because we discussed the benefit of using less water with each wash.  

Everything is new and exciting

Last night was our first night at our new apartment.  I did not sleep well because Kyle didn't want to go to sleep.  It didn't help that he was excited about being in a new place and running around.  I also think having soda a few hours before didn't help either. 

The phone rang a few times last night as well.  First, he was called in to work from another manager with the company.  He was asking Shannon to cover another security contract.  He is working 3 hours this evening, as well as Wednesday, Thursday and Friday!  Since he is working the rest of the week, we won't be able to take Kyle to school.  I was really thinking of getting a cab to take him to school in the morning but the expense of it and cabs are so unreliable here. So, Kyle will be missing school the rest of the week.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Almost all moved in

While Kyle was at school, Shannon and I moved all of our furniture into our new apartment.  We had to be at the new apartment at 9am for the cable guy.  We were told he would be there between 9am and 10am.  While we were waiting, Shannon went to pick up the U-Haul.  Thankfully, it was less than a mile away, so he walked there.  While he was gone, the cable guy did show up (around 10:15am) and connected our internet service. 

We arrived at our old apartment just before 11am and got to work loading the U-Haul with our furniture.  It was extra muggy and humid so after carrying a few heavy things to the U-Haul, we were both dripping with sweat!  The weather wasn't nice, it wasn't hot or cold...just really muggy and overcast.  The humid just made us sweat.

It took us a good hour or so to load our furniture.  It took another half hour to hour to get our things unloaded.  We have been unpacking and trying to get settled in this evening.  Kyle is excited and very happy about our new home. 

We still have clothes, dishes and food at our old apartment.  We have the place until the 26th, so we plan on moving everything else and then doing a quick cleaning. 

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Buying the big appliances online

Shannon and I were talking about what washer and dryer to purchase.  I would love to get an "energy star" washer and dryer.  I also asked him what he thought of the front loading washer vs the top loading washer.  We decided the front loading washer uses less water and our clothes would get a better wash with the front loading because of the way it spins.  With the top loading, you would have to fill the water level all the way to the top and there is no guarantee that the clothes at the very top will get washed. 

Plus, with the front loading washers, it sounds like you can really stuff them and they have a huge capacity.  That is helpful with bed comforters, sheets and other big loads.  

We're hoping to get a front loading washer.  Although, I do hate that I would have to stoop very low just to load the washer.  I could get the stand but those are usually an extra $300 or so, each. 

Also, Shannon is finally open to the idea of buying the washer and dryer online through the shopping site that I use to earn cash back on online purchases!  I told him that I would need to go to the store first to look at the models and then decide which ones to buy and make the purchase online.  Hopefully we can go later this week. 

Our washer will no longer connect to our kitchen faucet so I have been hand washing our clothes for the last few days.  We did use the laundry facilities at our new apartment earlier this week.  I am really wanting to get a washer and dryer for our apartment quick! 

Friday, May 17, 2013

Changed Major Twice

I am looking at returning to college to earn my Bachelor's Degree.  This week, I changed my major twice!  Although, I won't be able to start until June.  I need to print out some forms, sign them and then scan/email them to the school or fax them.  We won't have our printer hooked up until after we move and even then, that depends on when Shannon will get around to setting up the printer. 

My original major was Sociology.  Earlier this week, I changed it to Social Science but then I read the description and courses for the Psychology Degree and that seems more interesting to me even more so. 

I am still against "loans," however I have been wanting to earn my degree for some time now.

Washer and Dryer

We still need to get a washer and dryer.  We tried looking at used appliances but realized we really don't know what we are getting with used.  We don't know the history of the appliance.  Plus, we don't have the protection of a warranty that comes with a new washer and dryer. 

We just feel more comfortable buying new from a reputable store. 

For the first few day or weeks we are in our new apartment, we may need to use the laundry facility in our building.  I definitely don't mind and it's not a long walk from our apartment. 

I would love to get a front loading washer because of the energy savings and the use of less water.  I would also love to buy "made in America" appliance.  However, both front loading and "made in America" are usually expensive.  We looked at washer and dryers a few weeks ago just to get an idea of prices. 

U-Haul on Monday

Next Monday and Tuesday are our moving days with the U-Haul.  We just found out yesterday that our apartment complex is repaving the parking lots on Tuesday and Wednesday, so some areas will be closed for parking, which means our parking lot may be full.  We are worried that we may not be able to find a close parking spot for the U-Haul, thus we may have to carry our things farther away from our apartment to the parked U-Haul!  We're hoping that most cars will be gone during the day since people work during normal business hours. 

On Monday, we are scheduled to pick up the U-Haul at 10am.  However, we do have to meet the cable guy at 9am at our apartment.  We hope to move as much as we can on Monday while Kyle is in school.  We only have a few hours to do our moving because he comes home around 2:40pm or so (when the bus drops him off). 

Friday, May 10, 2013

Pink Polka Dot Plant

Earlier this week, I finally threw all of my plants away that I had in soil.  I kept my air plants.  I knew I needed to get rid of them for our move.  I already miss my plants. 

Yesterday, we stopped by Time Warner to return our cable box.  While we were there, I saw two plants in the back of their office near a window.  One was a peace lily plant and one was a lime green color plant!  It looked like a philodendron!  I even pointed them out to Shannon.  I already have plant-fever! 

Today, Kyle came home from school with a Mother's Day gift he made at school.  I received a Pink Polka Dot Plant in a cute clay pot that he painted blue with dots and other decorations on them!  It is so cute!  I put the plant in our kitchen near the window and as we were getting ready for bed, Kyle brought the plant in the bedroom and put it on our nightstand!  I tried putting it back in the kitchen, but then he brought it back into the bedroom.  So, we have it on our nightstand! 

Monday, May 6, 2013

Second visit to new apartment

Yesterday, we decided to take Kyle over to our new apartment for the second time.  This was his second visit there and this time, he saw more of our stuff there.  He saw his blankets there and we showed him where mommy and daddy's room is and where his room is.  We also showed him where his bed will go and he grabbed a blanket to lay down.  It was cute. 

He loved visiting the apartment.  He ran around into every room and saw our things in various places.  Hopefully he understands we are moving.  I think he's used to us moving every so often. 

On our way home, we asked him if he wanted french fries.  He quickly responded verbally with "french fries" and he also started moving his hand and arm over and over again every time we asked.  We wondered if he was signing "french fries."  So, when we got home, I looked up how to sign "french fries" and lo and behold, he was signing it!  You can see how it is signed here

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Apartment Tour

Here is a video we made today while visiting our apartment. We made it for the purpose of showing my in-laws since they have not been able to see the inside of their apartment. They are going to get the same apartment type as we are. We wanted to give them a video of what it looks like inside.

Our apartment is two bedrooms, one bath, with a den, 1100 square feet with a washer and dryer hookup.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Early morning message

We received a call from an anonymous caller this morning at 1:15 AM.  It woke both Shannon and I up!

As we listened to the message, I realized that I want to record it to post on youtube!  I feel bad for the woman and I hope she finds the guy.  I just hope she didn't give out OUR number to the authorities.

She obviously has the wrong number.

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Job Interview with the County

I had my interview with the County today.  I applied for 3 different "office assistant" positions in mid-March so when she called me in for the interview, she didn't specify which position. 

The interview process was two hours.  The first hour was for testing.  The first test was a written test: alphabetize, put numbers in order, grammar.  There was also an exercise to prioritize your work day after returning from vacation.  They had a list of job duties and they wanted you to number them in the order you would accomplish them and explain why.  The second part of testing was a computer test on Excel.  Create a spreadsheet and then a typing test.  I didn't like the typing test because it was on Excel with numbers and typing and I had to use the TAB key and then go to the next line below.  It was difficult using the keyboard and the mouse.

During the interview, there were 4 people.  I later found out that one of the ladies is the immediate supervisor/manager and the person next to her was her manager.  She told me about the position and she pointed out my experience in PBX and my background with HIPAA.  When they asked me if I had any questions, I asked when will they hire for the position.  He said that the position has been open for awhile now and they hope to have a decision within a week! 

At the end, I kindly thanked them for their time!

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Kyle sick

Kyle is sick.  I could tell that he wasn't looking good yesterday but thankfully made it through the entire day!  It didn't really start to hit him until last night.  He didn't eat anything when he got home, which he normally wants to. 

Last night, he had a rough time.  He whined a little and I could tell he was in pain.  Maybe his body was aching.  He woke up a few times.  This morning, he is staying in bed and will be sleeping for most of the day.  I hope he is better by Monday! 

Monday, April 22, 2013

Job Interview with County

This afternoon, I received an unexpected call for a job interview.  She actually called last Friday but I decided not to call her back because the voicemail she left wasn't specific.  She just said she was calling for Social Services. 

Today, she called a minute before I had to leave to wait for Kyle at the bus stop, so I couldn't pick up the phone and risk getting stuck on a call for too long. 

I have a job interview next Tuesday for a County position.  Over a month ago (March 13th) I applied for 3 "office assistant" positions, so it could be for any of those three.  I did not expect to ever get called for an interview with the County because I have been applying for over a year with no luck. 

When I was applying for jobs last month, I was hoping my new certification as a medical administrative assistant would give me an edge with the County. 

I am excited but nervous about the interview.  She said to expect two hours.  The first hour is testing I think.  The second hour is interviews with at least 4 people. 

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Little by little

This week, we have been moving our things over to our new apartment while Kyle is at school.  We do a few boxes a day.  Today, we did two trips. 

We cannot wait to move our stuff completely! 

Shannon was worried about moving without having to hire someone.  We plan on renting a U-Haul but he and I are going to be moving our things.  He had us practice with the couch because it is heavy and he was most worried about moving that.  He said he and I can do it slowly just to get it from the apartment to the truck and then moved into our new apartment.  It is heavy, but I think we can manage it.  He said he's confident with moving our other things with the help from a furniture dolly. 

So, it looks like we won't have to hire anyone to help us move, which will help us save a few hundred dollars. 

Blog Convention

Today, I received an email stating that I was chosen to be a volunteer at a blog convention.  I am excited, however, I am now trying to find sponsorship.  This is the biggest and most popular blog convention out there.  I have heard of bloggers getting so many freebies that they had to ship them home. 

The convention is in Chicago, the week of my birthday.  I may have to get there early and have training on my birthday!  =) 

It is still undecided if I can/will go.  I definitely want to go. 

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Dreaming of furniture and an iPhone

Shannon was thinking about getting new furniture for our new place and have it set up before we officially move in.  He wanted to get a coffee table, two end tables and a new TV stand.  Our current TV stand is about 9 years old. 

After browsing online for possible places to go to, he found end tables priced at about $250 at JC Penney, which is way out of our budget.  So, he decided we should try Target and Walmart. We found some really cute pieces at Target and then went to Walmart to look around.  One our way home, Shannon realized that we are unable to afford new furniture, even if it's the kind you assemble yourself.  He decided that we should use the money towards a washer and dryer.  We're still not sure if we are going to buy or rent.  I have a feeling we should buy them.

I have been looking/wanting/dreaming of getting an iPhone!  They are pricey but I have it narrowed down to getting one through Straight Talk or Cricket.  I know I don't need a phone now but it would be nice to have.  I like the iPhone 5 because it comes with Siri and a few other perks.  I am trying to save up the money I earn from my blog to actually purchase the phone.  I am making a semi-steady income with my blog that I may be able to afford a cell phone each month. 

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

What did we just do?!

Shannon is working all this week, but he is working 4 or 5 hour shifts in the evening.  Since Kyle is back at school, we are taking the time during the day to get things done.  Today, we went over to our new apartment complex with the intention of signing the lease and double checking our rent amount.  Our rent was at $575.  However, my in-laws applied for the same apartment only a few weeks after we were approved and their rent is at $502!!!  How can that be? 

Shannon and I decided we were going to ask about the difference in price and hopefully get in at their rate!  The leasing consultant said that they were accepted in a different special.  I asked her if we could talk to a manager about that. 

About 5 minutes later, she comes back saying she will give us the apartment at $485 a month, BUT we would have to move in today!!!  Shannon and I were floored!  Mainly because we aren't out of our current place until the end of May.  We asked if we could let them know later today. 

After we stepped out of the office, we talked it over and decided it would be best to get the apartment at $485.  Although, we are paying double rent for April and May.  We signed a 2 year lease, just to lock in that low rate! 

Our rent is paid for through June at the new apartment.  We have the keys and the lease is signed.  We won't move in until mid-May or so.  But since we have the keys, we can take our time moving our stuff over. 

This will give us time to switch our mail over and not worry about losing any mail too. 

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

More hours this week

Shannon was called in for extra hours this week.  He is working tonight and tomorrow night.  Hopefully it will be like this for a few weeks because they had to let someone go.  We hope he will be the one to help cover most of those open shifts! 

I finished polishing up my book reviews!  They now have amazon affiliate links and they are SEO friendly!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Properous Month with my Blog

It is only the second day of April and it has been very prosperous for my blog!   The major portion of my earnings is from last month's work from one site.  I earned the other part from sponsored posts from two other sites.  I am transferring most of my earnings to our bank account.

Shannon hasn't been feeling well the last few days, so he was unable to work any extra hours.  My blog earnings are helping us through these times.  Hopefully he will get more hours soon.  He is feeling better today but no call to come in to work.

I spent the majority of today going through all of my book reviews to edit them to make the SEO (search engine optimization) friendly and also change/add my affiliate links.  I hope that all the time I am spending on editing my posts will help improve my page rank and traffic to my blog. 

Monday, April 1, 2013

The power of social media

I just want to acknowledge the power of social media!  When I was working in retail, they always told us that when a customer experiences bad customer service experience, they are going to tell 10 of their friends and those 10 friends are going to tell 10 of their friends and so on... 

Today, it is much more powerful when you have a compliment or a complaint to share about a company!  Today, we have the power of the internet.  We have Facebook and Twitter.  Not only can we share with hundreds of our friends, but their friends can see their comments too.  With Twitter anyone and everyone can see it and people can "share" it by Retweeting your tweet. 

I wanted to share what happened to me this afternoon.  Today is the first of the month, which means rent is due.  I took Kyle with me for a little walk to the management office to turn in our rent check.  There was a sign on the door that said they were out of the office helping future residents (or something similar) and they would return at 3pm.  However, I did not have a watch so I waited there for a few minutes, not sure what to do.  I had no idea what time it was.  As I started walking away, someone across the parking lot said that someone was in there and to just knock.  So I did.  When the manager came to the door, she peeked through the window and I held up my rent check.  At that time, she turned her head (as if to tell someone in the office) and said "Unbelieveable!"  She must think the door is sound-proof because I heard her loud and clear!!!!  I was so upset by this that I quickly handed her the check after she finally opened the door and walked back home with Kyle.  I was so ticked off that I wasn't sure if I should even tell Shannon about it because he never believes me or he'll take the other person's side. 

I ended up telling Shannon and he actually believed me.  That's a surprise.  But it was good to have his support.  He said that our neighbor was also pissed about something the manager said or did to her (he just doesn't remember what).  So, at least I am not the only one. 

I was really upset by this that I left a comment on the Facebook fan page (and quickly deleted it about a minute later).  I already know that when you leave a comment on a fan page, that it automatically sends an email to the page owner(s).  I "thanked them for being so rude and saying "Unbelieveable!" and let them know that the door is not sound proof.  After I deleted that comment on their fan page, I went to my own profile page and wrote something similar and tagged their page (which also sends them an email).  I deleted my comment from my profile page after about 10 minutes. 

Not a half hour later or so, the manager comes knocking on our door with some lame excuse.  I told Shannon her excuse and he doesn't buy it.  LOL  I don't either.  It was really lame. 

Anyway, that is the power of the internet.  I also wonder if her bosses check the fan page too, which is why she "followed up" with me and wanted to explain her actions to me. 

Sunday, March 31, 2013

New Apartment Complex


We took the following video yesterday for the purpose of sharing with my in-laws.  They live out of state and have not been able to visit to see the property or the inside of what their apartment will look like.  They have driven through this complex before...but it was two years ago! 

As you can see from the video, we pointed out where our apartment will be and then we showed them where their building is located.  

I am a little envious because they are renting their apartment (same type and size as ours) for $502 a month.  We are paying $567 a month!  The apartment is 1100 square feet, two bedroom with a den and one bath.  Not only that, the apartment complex lowered their prices significantly AFTER we applied and got approved. Although, we have not signed a lease yet...so I may ask about the lowered prices...  

They lucked out on their apartment because she called to ask if there was a two bedroom with a den and one bath apartment available and was told "no."  She ended up calling a few days later and talked to another person and said there is one available but it isn't listed yet.  So they basically got the last two bedroom with a den!  

We are all looking forward to living near each other again because Shannon's dad's health is declining and also it would be helpful to have them near if we wanted them to watch Kyle one night if we wanted to go out.  Also, if our car broke down, Shannon could use their car to get to work. 

I am a little relieved that we won't be living right next to each other.  At least we're a few buildings away.