His First Visit To His New School

Kyle starts school in just a few days!  He will be starting 6th grade at a brand new school, in a new school district.  

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

My interview

I had my interview today, scheduled for 2pm.  The person interviewing me called around 12:30pm or so needing to reschedule because she had a conference call at 2pm.  I rescheduled for 3:30pm.  Shannon dropped me off early, so I walked around the store a bit.  While I was doing that, Shannon took Kyle to Burger King to get something to eat.  Kyle loves fries and Shannon ate the burger. 

Thankfully, the job is part time, they hire everyone at part time and depending on how they do, they may offer them more hours or there may be other job openings.  She asked how many hours I was looking for and I told her that I am looking for part time and I would be okay with zero to 20 or zero to 30 hours a week.  She also asked how many days a week I am looking to work and I told her I was open to that, and she asked if 2-3 days was okay, I said "yes!"  It sounds like she wants to hire me because she has two positions to fill.  Plus my schedule is pretty open to what she is looking for.  I am glad that they aren't looking for someone to work 5 or 6 days a week at 30+ hours a week!  I am NOT looking for that, especially after working at Walmart.  I was always so tired and never had time to myself.  I am a little bummed about the pay, but the employee discount will be good to have.  I have a second interview scheduled for tomorrow at 2pm with another manager. 

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Kyle started quacking like a duck this week!  His "quack" sounds like "gwah!"  He already knows how to imitate a monkey.  He learned how from watching Boots the monkey on Dora the Explorer.  The sound he makes also resembles Elmo's laugh, which I never noticed at first.  After he started making monkey sounds, I would ask him what a duck says and then quack like a duck!

I never heard back from Speakability when I called last Thursday.  I am not surprised, I am just shocked that a business doesn't want our business, especially with our economy!  I don't think it has to do with not wanting our business, I think it's because we're in the South and people tend NOT to call back or they take weeks to call back.  Either way, it pisses me off that this lady is so rude by ignoring me.  I've been trying to set Kyle up with a speech therapist since April!  Anyway, I called her this afternoon and was told she "just stepped out," which I believe because I called a few minutes before noon.

That reminds me that I need to call Kyle's pediatrician to make an appointment for a checkup!  While we are there, I am going to ask for a referral for a different company that offers speech therapy because this is too fucking ridiculous trying to get someone to call me back. 

Monday, June 28, 2010

Came home to a call back!

Today was our weekly laundry day!  I ended up doing 4 loads of laundry: dark clothes, white clothes, towels, and sheets!  Hooray for clean clothes!  Hooray for clean sheets!  After we had all of our laundry in the washing machines, my MIL and I sat down and she (jokingly) said that I should be wearing my wedding ring.  I laughed and said that Shannon and I both don't wear ours.  She said that all the guys in the laundromat were staring at me with their tongues hanging out!  I did notice that some of them were looking at me, but when that happens, I usually pretend I don't notice.  I guess it was so noticeable that the guy who works at the laundromat made a comment to my MIL!  LOL 

We stopped by the library after our laundry was done.  My MIL checks out DVD movies each week.  They had some books for sale, so I ended up buying a hardcover book that looked like an interesting read to me.  The book was only $1!

When we got home, I put our clean clothes away and had a salad!  Yum!  Then I needed something sweet so I ended up having 2 chocolate pudding cups!  LOL

I also noticed there was a message on the phone and it turned out I received a call back!  I re-applied for Sears just yesterday and they wanted me to come in to interview!  I had applied to Sears before and my application expired over the weekend, so I had to reapply!  I set up my interview for this Wednesday at 2pm!  The lady who called me sounds like she doesn't mess around.  She asked me what my availability is.  She then confessed she's had too many people say things like, "Oh, I can't work nights." Or, "I can't work such and such time."  I told her I have open availability, I just don't want to come in at 6am and leave at 11pm, that sort of thing.  She said, "oh no, we don't have shifts like that."  So, we'll see how this goes.  

Friday, June 25, 2010

Food is what we have!

We made our much needed trip to Walmart today for groceries!  As usual, Shannon didn't get up until about 1:15pm or so.  He took his weekly shower before we finally left around 4pm. 

I wanted to get Kyle some sandals and some Toy Story 3 sets of clothes, but Kyle didn't seem interested.  I didn't see any sandals that would be suitable for Kyle.  I wanted sandals with a strap to go around the back of his feet. 

We bought the least expensive DVD player because I needed one to do my workouts.  I've been using Shannon's computer since it has a DVD player, but Kyle also plays games on that computer.  I wanted to be able to workout without having to wait until Kyle got off the computer.  Shannon also bought 2 computer games.

I bought a different brand of paper towels.  My favorite brand is Brawny, but Walmart hasn't been carrying that brand anymore.  Then I had to go with Bounty.  This time I bought Viva paper towels, because of the commercial! 

We bought our usual groceries.  I am switching up my breakfast and going with cottage cheese and adding pineapples to it along with a whole wheat english muffin or whole wheat toast.  I've been craving salad lately, so I bought salad.  I also bought some tuna, mushrooms, and cucumber to add to my salad. 

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Over Two Months Ago!

Monday was our weekly laundry day!  Since the weather has been so hot and horrid, my MIL wanted to get an early start.  With the humidity, you start to sweat after being outside for a little as 1 minute!  Plus it gets hot and stuffy at the laundromat!  I had three loads of laundry this time around, dark clothes, light clothes, and towels.

The other day, Shannon announced that his unemployment isn't set to renew, because Congress hasn't passed the bill to extend unemployment benefits.  Of course his first thought is that I should go back to work!  That made me mad...why me?  He needs to go back to work too!  Then again, I thought, "what the heck do you think I've been doing all this time?"  I've been applying for jobs for him for months now.  He's gotten calls but he isn't calling them back because he doesn't want to go work at a hotel again! 

The other day, I realized it had been over 2 months since I last heard from Speakability.  So I took the time to call and the person I needed to talk to happened to answer the phone.  After I had told her my name, she knew exactly who I was and where we lived.  She had the nerve to ask if we were still interested in having a speech therapist [for Kyle], and I thought, "DUH, why else would I be calling?!?!"  She said she would call with a name [of a speech therapist] tomorrow morning! 

I've been comparing the different online colleges that offer "studying at your own pace" and am now reconsidering Ashworth College.  I already have an Associates Degree from them.  When I looked at the classes for a Paralegal Studies Degree, I saw that I have already taken 9 of the classes!  I contacted the school to see if any of my classes would transfer over to the Paralegal Studies Degree.  Just as I thought, I would only need to take an additional 11 classes, which equals to 2 semesters and 1 class!  I told Shannon this information and he says we don't have any money.  Yet, he hasn't called the bank to cancel/dispute a charge for a subscription we didn't authorize/renew.  In other words, he doesn't mind paying for things we don't use!  So that makes me upset.  Also, he's wanting to get a psychic reading from the same psychic his parents have used in the past. 

For the last few days, I have been writing like crazy at hubpages.com!  I joined some of their affiliates to earn some extra money.  If anything, it's been fun writing different articles and publishing them online.

Friday, June 18, 2010

A Happy Day for Kyle

Today was a happy day for Kyle.  My MIL has a friend who lives a few streets down who has a golf cart.  In the past, my MIL and her friend would go for rides in the golf cart with Kyle "driving" and honking the horn.  Today, my MIL wanted to take Kyle in the golf cart, so she started walking down the street towards her friend's house.  As they were walking, her friend drove up in the golf cart and as soon as Kyle saw it, he had the biggest smile on his face!  They took Kyle up and down the neighborhood a few times.  When they drove up the driveway, Kyle didn't want to get out of the golf cart.  So I rode with them one last time while Kyle "drove" and honked the horn.  When we came home, Kyle didn't want to leave, so I had to carry him out of the golf cart and inside the house! 

My MIL bought some corn on the cob yesterday and I had to peel them for her.  While I was doing that, Kyle wanted to eat them raw, so she cooked up three ears for Kyle.  He loves corn on the cob!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

I decided to...

A few days ago, I decided to quit college because I was feeling way too stressed and overwhelmed with it all.  Being responsible for Kyle, doing our chores (cleaning/organizing), job searching for both Shannon and myself, and studying for school became too much for me.  Even when I tried to study, Kyle would be by my side.  I felt like I didn't have the help I needed from Shannon.  I have always been a "day time person" so I can't see myself doing school work at night.  Now, I am now less stressed and not feeling the pressure.  If I do decide to do school again, I am going for a "self-paced" online school.  I am looking at Penn Foster, if I do decide to sign up for college again. 

Since I am no longer in college, I am trying to focus on job hunting again.  I applied/re-applied for 3 new jobs in the last 48 hours or so.  We live in such a small city, there aren't many jobs around here and if there are, they hire their friends or family.  Lately, I miss working in the hotels and hotels/casinos!  I wouldn't mind moving back to Northern Nevada to work in the hotels/casinos!  I hate it here!  At least Northern Nevada had public transportation and an actual mall!

There is a psychic named Nancy Bradley that my in-laws have consulted with 5 or 6 years ago.  Everything she has told them has come true or is about to come true.  Everything that she says about them (their family, background, etc) is also true.  She has the same ranking (or whatever they call it) as Sylvia Browne.  I've been suggesting to Shannon that we get a reading from Nancy too.  Well, he finally asked me if it was okay with me if he does and I told him, "go for it!"  I need her advice too!  He also plans on asking her about Kyle and his special needs.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Laundry Land

Today was our weekly laundry day at the laundromat!  I had a total of 4 loads to do, dark/light clothes, towels, sheets and pillow.  I was able to stuff the sheets and pillow into one load of wash! 

The weather here is already so hot and unbearable.  We heard that it was 95 degrees, plus with the humidity, it feels like 100 degrees!  While I was outside for less than a minute putting some of the laundry in the car, I already started to sweat! 

After we did our laundry, we went to Walmart.  My MIL and needed some groceries and other things.  She bought a new houseplant for the kitchen, nail polish, dish washing detergent, paper towels and some groceries.  I also picked up a few more groceries.  Before we went through the grocery section of the store, we ended up stopping at Subway to eat!  Yum!  I bought two foot long subs, one for me and one for Shannon.  My MIL and I ate half of our foot long subs before going for groceries. 

Last night, I had an online seminar for one of my classes.  The professor basically went over the features of the classroom and the tools available for us to study/learn.  I learned a lot and hopefully it will really help me.  I learned that our book is online (in addition to the hard copy book we have).  There are also video lectures of each chapter for us to watch!  They also have a "game" section so that we can learn and play!  I am a little less stressed about this class now.

I told Shannon that I will definitely need a separate desk to do my schoolwork at.  Shannon has his "workspace" to do his school and other things, but I don't.  I just want a simple little desk and chair.  Once we get a desk for me, he suggested we put the desk and chair in the office (where he currently studies).  I also want a DVD player so I can continue to workout!  For now, I am using his computer since it has a DVD player.  Either way, it sounds like we'll be doing some re-arranging!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Trying to make room

A few weeks ago, I went through Kyle's clothes to sort out the clothes he no longer wears or doesn't fit into and put them in boxes.  We had several cardboard diaper boxes around our room and I needed to get rid of them anyway.  I did this mainly to make more room in our room!  I feel like we don't have much "wall space" and our room is getting smaller and smaller.  All of our clothes sit in piles on the floor along the walls because our dressers are still packed in the garage. 

Today, I went through my clothes and have a nice pile ready to donate to Goodwill.  I have at least 3 or 4 pairs of jeans, several tank tops, and tops to giveaway.  I think I have more clothes in the closet to get rid of.

Hopefully I can make more space in our room because I feel so "closed in."  Shannon has clothes that I want to go through.  Although, there isn't much to get rid of because he doesn't have very much clothes to begin with. 

Friday, June 11, 2010

Much needed trip to Walmart

We went to Walmart this afternoon.  I printed out some coupons as well as brought the coupons I received in the mail.  We ended up saving about $5 with the coupons. 

We bought our usual groceries.  In addition, I bought Kyle a package of toothbrushes and mouthwash for Shannon and I.  As for school, I picked up some dividers and a 3 hole puncher.  I have all of my school papers, notes, calendar, etc. in a binder.  I feel more organized having my things in one place

While we were waiting in line to checkout, I found some short sleeved tops for only $5.  They are stretchy and can be worn while working out.  I don't plan to use them for my workouts though.

I love when we have food again.  We have so much more to choose from compared when we are almost out of food.  During that time, we have very little to choose from to eat.  Shannon always likes to wait until we are completely out of food before we go to the store.  I bought some some cheese in the shape of Mickey Mouse, which only lasted about 2 hours after we got home.  He loved the cheese so much, that he ate all of it!  We also bought him a different kind of cereal, instead of the usual Malt-O-Meal brand "honey nut cheerios."

We plan on re-applying for food stamps after July 1st, since that is when the income requirements change in everyone's favor!  Here is an article that explains it further.  I am sure we qualify now (considering we are both not working) but our caseworker never got back to us, even though we faxed over all the needed documents!  So we decided to wait until July 1st.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Out of the Ordinary Monday

This is Kyle's last week of school.  I got him off to school with no problems.  He doesn't seem to like riding the bus or just doesn't want to go to school.  His teacher said he cries a little bit in the morning and then he's fine the rest of the day. 

Shannon had his LSAT test yesterday, the instructions said to be there by 12:30pm.  He left around 10am, since the test location was in Winston-Salem, which is about 45 minutes from here. 

Soon after Shannon left, my MIL and I went to the laundromat to do our laundry for the week!  This time around I had 4 loads of laundry!  I had to wash our clothes (darks and whites), towels, and bedsheets.  It took about an hour and a half to do all of our laundry, which is about the average time for us. 

When brought Kyle home from the bus stop, I made him a little "afternoon meal" since he usually eats and drinks when he gets home.  My MIL wanted to go to The Home Depot and then to the park for a walk.  Kyle loves riding in the car, so he loved it.  When we got to The Home Depot, I tried walking around the store with him, but he wanted to sit in the cart.  I ended up getting some toilet bowl cleaner, I bought the Martha Stewart brand of toilet bowl cleaner.  She has a line of cleaning products that are safe for the environment.  They are safe to use around kids, which is all I care about.  It seems to work pretty well and doesn't have a stinky smell. 

Our trip to the park was nice.  The weather was heating up for some reason, even though the rest of the day was sunny, but with a cool breeze!  We pointed out the squirrels to Kyle.  When he saw them, he would run towards them.  I am not sure if he wanted to play with them or try to catch them!  It was so cute!  The squirrels would run towards the tree on the opposite side so we couldn't see them and then run up the tree.  Kyle didn't know they would run up the tree so he would run around to the other side of the tree and look confused.  Then we pointed up in the tree and he saw that they ran up the tree every time.  He had fun trying to chase the squirrels!

Shannon got home around 5:30pm or so, much earlier than I expected!  He said the test was much harder than he anticipated!  He said it was intense and he felt rushed!  He said he felt like his brain was fried and it looked like the other test takers had the same look.  His test results will be available in about 3 weeks! 

Sunday, June 6, 2010

June 9th

Kyle has 3 more days left of school and then it's summer vacation!  Kyle's last day of preschool is June 9th!

Shannon has his LSAT test tomorrow!  I sharpened his No. 2 pencils today, otherwise, he waits until the last minute.  He's only allowed to bring in a one gallon ziploc bag.  He can carry his pencils, erasers, pencil sharpener, beverage, snack, and ID.  That is all he's allowed to bring in to the test.  His ziploc bag is packed with his pencils, erasers, and pencil sharpener so far and ready to go.

Kyle has school tomorrow, so I will be alone until I have to get Kyle at the bus stop at around 2:45pm-3pm.  I am not expecting Shannon home until 9pm-10pm maybe even later.

Last night I was thinking about making soy candles again.  I was searching online for starter kits and think I may have found one that I like.  I am interested in making votive candles for now.  I don't like the BIG jar candles anymore.  Votives are a perfect size.  I love burning soy candles and enjoying how good they smell.

Friday, June 4, 2010

This is what we are afraid of

Lucky us.  Our neighborhood now has a pit bull!  A neighbor two doors down recently brought home a pit bull puppy.  This particular neighbor does NOT have a fenced yard and they let the dog roam free through the neighborhood.  This dog has been seen as far as 4 or 5 blocks away from his home!  This dog may still be a puppy but you never know if and when it can turn on you. 

We have heard way too many stories of children getting attacked.  Shannon and I remember one particular attack where the dog got ahold of a child and the mother stepped in and grabbed her son and put him in the garbage and put the lid on the can so her son would be safe while she fought off the dog!

Here's the latest story of a pit bull attacking a toddler. 

Kyle's bus stop is down the street, which means I have to walk by that house to drop him off and pick him up.  Thankfully, there are only 3 days left of school for Kyle. 

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

6:57 AM!!!

Our new fan is great, although it's kind of loud, even on the lowest setting.  It's really helping to keep our room cool even with the window open.  Unfortunately with the loud hum of the fan, I ended up oversleeping.  I didn't "hear" the alarm.  Our alarm clock consists of our cell phone.  I have it on the vibrate setting, because I could hear it before we had the fan.  Apparently I can't hear it over the fan now because I woke up and saw that it was light outside.  I picked up the phone and saw that it was 6:57 AM!  Kyle's bus picks him up between 6:55 AM and 7:10 AM!  I rushed to get dressed and get Kyle up and dressed!  We made it to his school just before 7:30 AM (when school starts). 

Kyle is keeping cool with his shorts and short sleeved shirts and having the fan on.  I think he likes his new clothes and he looks so different and cute at the same time.

After we dropped Kyle off, Shannon took me to Cracker Barrel for breakfast!  We love that place!  They also have a gift shop, which we like to look through on the way out.  I ended up getting 4 votive Yankee Candles. 

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

To Walmart We Went

Shannon and I went to Walmart this afternoon before Kyle got home from school.  We needed to buy a fan for our room.  Kyle's been unable to sleep as well through the night because it is hot!  Since Kyle isn't sleeping as well, we are suffering too from him being up!  The air conditioner is on, but with our room upstairs, it is still hot!  The last few nights, he'll wake up with a sweaty head!  Last night his whole entire body was hot.  Shannon had to remove his pajamas just to cool him off.  I also wanted to buy Kyle some shorts and short sleeved shirts for him to sleep in.  We picked out 4 shirts and 4 short pants that can be mixed between each other and they can be worn outside or to bed.

This week, Kyle has been crazy for boca burger patties in a hamburger bun!  So I bought more 100% whole wheat hamburger buns and boca burger patties.  We needed more goldfish crackers because Kyle loves them so much. 

I also bought one more pot for some of my plants, I wanted to transplant them into soil.  I think these plants will thrive in soil.  My plants that are in the Miracle Gro soil already are doing really well!  

After we were done shopping at Walmart, we stopped through McDonald's and ate at home.  It is always nice to go "out" without Kyle!  It's odd, but it's nice to have some alone time.