His First Visit To His New School

Kyle starts school in just a few days!  He will be starting 6th grade at a brand new school, in a new school district.  

Sunday, February 27, 2011

New week, new schedule

Kyle starts this week with a different school schedule and different therapy date!  He is now off from school on Monday and Tuesdays.  His therapy has been switched to Tuesday afternoons.  He now attends school on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday!  I don't think Kyle will notice the difference but I am making sure I remember his new schedule!  We now have to plan our life around his new schedule! 

Was it worth the savings?

My in-laws bought 2 recliners from JC Penney's with their friend's employee discount.  The chairs were originally $1200 each but they only paid $500 each for them.  However, I don't see that as a "deal" considering JC Penney's doesn't even deliver, so they had to drive out there to pick them up and get them into the house themselves and unpack them.  What a hassle.  I personally don't see that as a deal.  If we were to ever buy furniture, it would be from a place that delivers! 

Anyway, they have the recliners in the house and the first thing they start whining about is how big the recliners are!  They didn't realize how big they were in their living room, considering they bought the smallest ones in the store.  The next morning, my MIL informs me that they decided that they want to return the recliners because it hurts their backs.  LOL  So yeah, it's not really a deal, is it?  You go pick it up, unpack it, put it together and now you have to take it apart and take it back to the store to return them!!!  My MIL also said that the next time they buy furniture, they are going to get it from a place that delivers.  DUH!  What a brilliant idea!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Schedule Changes

We received a letter from Kyle's school saying that they are doing some changes and Kyle would be moved to the other preschool class (the same class and teacher he had last year).  We think this was stemmed from me talking to his teacher.  His teacher was calling us every other week or at least once a week asking us if Kyle was okay, or wasn't feeling well, etc.  In other words, she was wanting us to come pick him up without asking us to pick him up.  It started to get annoying having to sit by the phone waiting for his teacher to call.  A few weeks ago, I asked his teacher is there was a way to have another teacher assistant just for him for the extra help he needs.  She understood what I was asking and she advised me to call the main Exceptional Children's coordinator for the school district.  His teacher said it would mean more if a parent were to call, rather than his teacher.  I called them later that week and was told that this would be up to the people who were above her to decide.  Well, the next week, we get notice that they were putting Kyle in his previous preschool class.  We are actually happy about this since this teacher is a mom and she is very loving! 

I received a call from Kyle's teacher today just letting me know that they made the change and Kyle is still adjusting to the change but he's doing good.  She also wanted to change his school schedule to where he would attend Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday (instead of Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday).  She said there are less kids on Friday, plus they go to the cafeteria and the library on Fridays.  She also wants to show him how to get his own tray and food in the cafeteria to get him ready for Kindergarten!  His new school schedule will start next week.

Since he will no attend school on Thursdays, that meant I had to reschedule his therapy appointments.  I called and was able to change his therapy to Tuesday mornings!  He will start that next Tuesday as well.  His appointments are at 11am now.  He will still receive Occupational and Speech Therapy!